Rain, Rain, Go Away! What do You do on a Rain-Soaked Walt Disney World Day?

It’s been a rainy day here in Central Florida. In fact, for the first two-thirds of the day, it was a complete soaker. Some days are just like that.

I feel like Central Florida gets a bum rap when it comes to rain. I mean, yes, some of the bad press is well deserved: in the summer, it rains. A lot. EVERY DAY. But on days like this, it’s just like everywhere else: some days are sunny, and some just aren’t. Which has me thinking: what do you do when one of your Walt Disney World vacation days is a wash out?

As a local, I have the option to try and avoid being in the WDW parks during rainy times if I want to. That’s easier said than done in the summer when a storm is sure to hit every afternoon, but, for the most part, I can watch the radar and plan accordingly. But, when you’re on a Walt Disney World vacation, you need to make the weather work for you, come rain or come shine. You have FastPasses booked and advance dining reservations to get to, after all.

There are silver lining experiences that you and I as guests might have on rain-soaked afternoons in the parks that we might not otherwise have.

Take the Magic Kingdom’s Rainy Day Cavalcade, for instance. If you’re in the Magic Kingdom on a rainy day (or a day where rain is in the vicinity) around parade time, you just might get to see this abbreviated parade experience.

During the parade, a variety of your favorite characters take a ride in some of the Main Street U.S.A. vehicles along the parade route to make sure that the guests gathered in the area get to see a little something in place of the regular parade.

You never know who you’ll see riding along, and, while the Cavalcade isn’t the same as the Festival of Fantasy parade, it’s a neat, warm fuzzy kind of moment.

If you’re looking for additional rainy day activity ideas for your next Walt Disney World vacation, be sure to check out The DIS’ rainy day activity page.

I personally don’t mind being in the parks when it’s a raining. I grab my trusty little umbrella, and head on out. Back in the days of Disney vacations with little ones, ponchos, although somewhat sticky in the Florida humidity, were handy as well since they could cover kiddos, and, if necessary, strollers. And, of course, there’s always the issue of shoes on a stormy WDW day. While I may be fine in my sneakers, my traveling companion may chose to wear flip flops instead.

So, here’s my rainy day question for you: what do you do when you’re faced with a rain-soaked Walt Disney World day? What’s your favorite rainy day tip or trick? Please share in the comments section below to help us all plan for our next rainy Disney park day. Thanks!

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