Things I Miss From Walt Disney World That You Would Not Expect

Any Disney fanatic is deeply missing their homeland right now. With Disney being closed for the time being, I find myself missing certain rides, character experiences, or shows, but there are some things that I have been missing that might seem odd to non-Disney friends.

Sitting on a Curb in Public
Being in public for any reason nonessential is taboo right now, but I yearn for the days of parking myself right on a curb and just watching the people go by. I miss seeing the balloons in the air around me and the smell of Main Street as I simply sit. No one judging you being there, just jealous that you have such a stellar seat for a parade or show.

Eavesdropping On Others’ Conversations
Okay, this one sounds creepy, but you know you do it while waiting in lines. Sometimes you are so drawn in by another person’s story that you wish you could just hop on Dumbo with them to hear the end. But I mostly miss being close enough to other people that you could have a conversation if you wanted to. To this day, I still think of a conversation I heard on the Walt Disney World train about “Meg” and how she shouldn’t even go to the wedding if she’s mad. I still wonder if Meg actually went to the wedding or not.

Checking the Disney App and Seeing Wait Times
Any true Disney fan can admit that they have checked the app for wait times without actually being in the park. On random days during work, I would check to see if Seven Dwarfs Mine Train had a wait shorter than 70 minutes or if it’s a small world was more crowded than usual. Checking the app and seeing it blank hurts my heart every time I check it now.

Seeing People in Matching Shirts
Sure, I could make my immediate family wear our Disney shirts together, but I already know what our shirts looks like. I love watching for families in matching shirts. People at Disney are so creative, and I love seeing the homemade shirts or the ones with characters for each person’s personality. I find myself wondering why the grandfather is Hades or the little blonde girl has Snow White instead of a blonde princess? It’s so much fun to see these shirts.

What are some of the odd things you miss about Disney?