Top 5 Planning Threads on for February 2016

It's time for the top 5 planning threads of the month and I've got some great threads for you all! camera-787499_640 There has been lots of controversy surrounding Guests using the tables at Quick Service restaurants around the Parks if they're not actually making a purchase. Meanwhile, many Guests bring their own food into the Parks to save money. In our number 5 slot this month is a thread started by poster 'EpcotNerd' on our Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies board titled "If You Bring Food Into The Parks, Where Do You Eat It?" There's some great advice here that you'll want to know about if you're packing your lunch for your Park days. DISRemy Over on the Disney Cruise Line board, poster ‘Tigerladyd’ mentions her "Favorite Guilty Pleasure on DCL" and asks other posters to share their favorites. After reading this thread, I'm ready to go on a cruise and make my own list of favorites! Snorkling In the number 3 spot started by ‘Tam&Sam’ on the Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies board, is a thread called "Most Underrated Walt Disney World Experience" that talks about a poster's favorite experience that she thinks is an underrated Attraction. She's asking other posters to share their favorites with her too! This thread is a great way to see what others think about Attractions and experiences you may have never thought your family would enjoy. 0304ZW_0590MS The "Updates to MyMagic+ Coming Soon" thread started by ‘Dan Murphy’ on the Everything FastPass+ sub-forum of our Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies board holds the number 2 spot. This thread talks about the highly rumored changes that are said to be coming soon to MyMagic+. One of the biggest changes is that Guests will be able to make a selection for a 4th FastPass+ from the My Disney Experience app on their phone after their first 3 have been used. This will be such a time saver for Guests instead of having to wait in line at one of the kiosks. celebrate-the-magic-019 Last but not least and in the number 1 spot on my list is a thread called "The Magic Is Real" located on our Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies board. This thread is my very favorite and I’m not saying that just because I’m the one who started it! Most of you may have an idea by now that magic is my favorite. We all spend lots of money to go on Disney vacations with our families so why wouldn’t we just jump on into that vacation with both feet and no worries then let the magic happen? This thread is full of stories where Guests have either shared magic or had magic shared with them on their vacations. I'd sure love to hear your stories so jump in this thread and share them! I hope you enjoyed my top 5 and that you all have a great month!

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