Vox Populi: What Disney Fans Are Saying About Declining Housekeeping in Exchange for a Gift Card

There have been rumors buzzing around the internet once again – shocker, I know. This time, it’s being reported that Disney is offering gift cards at select resort hotels in lieu of housekeeping services. In other words, if you forego housekeeping, or Mousekeeping as some call it, Disney will give you a $20 gift card as a “thank you” for each day that you decline the service.

The majority of the posters on DISboards.com are thinking this is a great idea. Take a look at some of the comments from various discussions taking place:

Poster ‘OhioStateBuckeye‘ says, “I would be all for that. I don’t really care if my bed gets made and I don’t like to leave my room a mess anyway. Only thing I might miss is getting the trash emptied.”

TheMaxRebo‘ says, “I like the idea but would almost rather have it be that they just lower the price and then you can request mousekeeping and pay a fee for that (and maybe have different levels, between a light freshening up and a deeper clean) rather than having to request to not have mousekeeping.”

PxyShan‘ is one of several posters who says she wouldn’t mind emptying her own trash but could do without the rest of the service. “Since we travel with our little kids, I would love some sort of on-demand type thing to request Mousekeeping service. Or a credit and a way to get bigger trash cans or empty them somewhere ourselves. We really just need the trash taken out daily (diapers… so many diapers), but we always run into problems with when they’re able to clean/tidy the rooms – it’s usually when we’re heading back for nap time. Then 7 times out of 10 they don’t or can’t come back later when we’ll be gone again. I wish we could request in advance a time window. I know that’s not at ALL efficient, but it can’t be efficient to have to come back to our room later in the day anyway.”

BuckeyeBama‘ says, “We generally stay moderate or deluxe at WDW and we rarely want our room cleaned. We swap out towels with the housekeeping staff every few days, and dump our garbage when necessary.
We don’t eat in our rooms, and we make our beds when we get up. There just isn’t much for someone to do in our rooms but swap out towels and empty the garbage.
Would I accept money for not using a service that I really don’t use today? Yes, if it came with a way to swap towels and a place to dump my garbage. It would also save me tips.”

Poster ‘Roxyfire‘ mentions that “As it stands, I leave the DND [do not disturb] out on the door most days. But if I see housekeepers in the hallway they usually seem very helpful and want to be sure we have enough towels and toiletries anyway.”

There are a small handful of posters who say they wouldn’t want to trade housekeeping for anything, like poster ‘mom2rtk‘ who says, “Seriously, no chance would I take a payoff for no housekeeping. It’s one of the things I love about vacation.” and poster ‘DrunkJam‘ who has the same feeling – “Personally, I love housekeeping on holiday, it’s nice to come back to a clean room, made bed. I do try not to leave the room in a mess, but, coming back to it all pristine is part of what I like about not being at home!”

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