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Weekly World Forecast: June 1-7, 2018

Weekly World Forecast: June 1-7, 2018 F601072018

Everyone knows planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be time-consuming. For some, it’s a passion project to work out all the details, but for many others, planning a Walt Disney World vacation can feel daunting. We know at The DIS that your vacation should be a time of relaxation and family bonding.

When I was a child, I would sit with my mother and work out the details of our Disney vacations and one of the biggest issues we had after choosing our dates, booking flights, and choosing a resort was deciding which park to visit on which day! We checked the weather, we checked available FastPasses, we checked dining availability and anything else we could think of to figure out what order to visit the parks. I decided, “I should just share my thoughts with the world on my research,” so I created the Weekly World Forecast.

Every Thursday I will be posting an updated forecast to project which parks I believe will be the best to visit on each day of the upcoming week. I am basing my findings on currently available FastPasses, weather projections, ride closures, ticket prices, Extra Magic Hours (which are sometimes better to take advantage of and sometimes better to avoid), and anything else that might seem relevant at the time — so you can adjust your trip last minute to reflect the current forecast.

As always, if you find this forecast helpful and you’re ready to plan your next trip, head over to Dreams Unlimited Travel to get a free, no-obligation quote on your next Walt Disney World vacation from myself or any of our other Travel Specialists.

Friday, June 1 – If you’ve been at Disney all week (or anytime in the last 3 weeks) you know the weather has been horrible overall. Well, it’s going to continue this week as well! We are going to start the weekend off by going to Animal Kingdom. The weather should be rough in the morning time but will improve throughout the day. There are Extra Magic Hours here at park opening but with the storms, I expect people to go back to their resorts after knocking out the major rides and rides like Expedition Everest will close during the storms but should be open later in the day.

Saturday, June 2 – Saturday is a good day to do Hollywood Studios. There should be scattered thunderstorms all day, but this should only affect you as you make your way from indoor attraction to indoor attraction. As much as Hollywood Studios gets dumped on currently for lack of things to do, it is a wonderful choice on stormy days. Saturday will also be a very humid day, so you’ll want to be indoors as much as possible.

Sunday, June 3 – Sunday is a good day to do Epcot. There will be scattered rains off and on today but with all the shops in the World Showcase, there are good opportunities to stay dry. You could even try doing a “Wine Walk” for $32, which includes wine to try in the Germany, Italy, and France pavilions to try a few drinks while you are staying out of the rain!

Monday, June 4 – The only day this week that isn’t calling for rain is Monday, so it’s a great chance to do Magic Kingdom. If you follow this weekly, I usually recommend Magic Kingdom in the rain compared Animal Kingdom and Epcot, but a lot of that has to do with weeks that have very little rain. When Florida forecasts a day of “rain” on its own, this is usually a few times throughout the day for 10 minutes at a time, so it doesn’t affect parades and fireworks, but a long-standing storm like we currently have is a different story. Magic Kingdom’s Happy Ever After Fireworks and Festival of Fantasy Parade are both quintessential Disney and you don’t want to miss these.

Tuesday, June 5 – Today is a good day to go to Hollywood Studios because of the weather. This is one of the worst weather days for the first half of the day, but clears up nicely in the late afternoon. I recommend this because there won’t be the ride closures during the day, but Fantasmic! will still run as scheduled more than likely. This allows you to reap the benefits of a rainy day but still get to do the outdoor show that’s a must-see.

Wednesday, June 6  Let’s head over to Epcot on Wednesday. The weather isn’t amazing again but Magic Kingdom will be having a very long day (8am to 11pm +Extra Magic Hours) so Epcot should be quite a bit less crowded. Test Track can get iffy in the rain because of the outdoor portion so make sure you do it as early in the day as possible if you want to make sure you can get to this ride. 

Thursday, June 7 – Magic Kingdom will be the best choice for today. Magic Kingdom isn’t usually ideal for the weekends if you can help it because so many people come to the parks for just the weekend or many others just take 1 day out their vacation to do a Disney park and that’s normally Magic Kingdom. So if you are coming Wednesday – Sunday for example, you’ll want to knock out Magic Kingdom early in the trip for the lowest crowds.


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