What Do I Do with All These Disney Things I Bring Home from Vacation?

What Do I Do with All These Disney Things I Bring Home from Vacation? spd-disney-lanyards

Have you collected different lanyards, pins, or other random things over the years from Disney vacations? I have and as it turns out, they are in different spots all over my house. Some are in random drawers, some are in boxes in closets and even more are out in the garage where they’ve been packed up for years.

My husband and I try to convince ourselves that if there are things we haven’t laid eyes on in more than 6 months, we really don’t need them. But, is that really the case? I have a hard time with that motto because I love most of my stuff – especially my Disney stuff – and I don’t want to get rid of it. Whenever I go through a box of it, I get all reminiscent and wish that I was creative enough to figure out how to display some of it.

Years ago, I made one shadow box with some things in it from our first trip to Walt Disney World. My dad even sliced an antenna ball in half so I could glue that in as well. The funniest part about the whole thing was that it took me a while to figure out if I was even okay with the antenna ball being sliced in the first place because then it couldn’t be used in its original capacity. I’m ridiculous sometimes, what can I say? Looking back at the shadow box hanging on the wall, I’m so glad I made the decision to slice that bad boy because had I not, the antenna ball would be sitting in a box somewhere in my garage.

What Do I Do with All These Disney Things I Bring Home from Vacation? photo-wall-shadow-box

Back to the lanyards I’ve collected. As I find them in various places around the house, I’ve been hanging them on a rack in my office that originally had purses on it until I discovered an awesome pegboard in one of our master bedroom closets and moved them. The more lanyards I find, the more this hanger looks like it was made for these things. There are many I’m missing from before our move and I know I’ll come across them soon enough. I’m happy to have a “home” for them finally where I can see them as each one reminds me of a special event I attended or a specific Disney trip I was on and the memories are really what I want to hold onto.

What Do I Do with All These Disney Things I Bring Home from Vacation? disney-lanyards-hanging

There are so many more categories of things I’ve collected and we’ll chat about them soon.

What about you? What kinds of fun things do you collect from your Disney vacations and how do you display them in your homes? Let me know in the comments below!

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