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What I Will Miss on our Next Trip to Walt Disney World

What I Will Miss on our Next Trip to Walt Disney World EPCOT  Spaceship Earth from the GM Lounge. - Photo by Matt Wildey

Recently, I wrote about the things that I am looking forward to on our next trip to Walt Disney World. Today, I want to opine about the things that I will miss on our next trip.

Much of this is speculation, and some of these things will only be temporary losses, is subject to change and is based on what we know now.

The obvious things that will be missing initially are the fireworks shows (Happily Ever After, EPCOT Forever, Harmonious, etc..) and parades. I am a big fan of firework shows and will miss them more so than the lone parade, Festival of Fantasy. Both are victims of social distancing. I would not be surprised if the firework shows make a return before too long, but it wouldn’t shock me if parades as we know them are a thing of the past, at least daily parades during general times. The Mickey’s Boo to You and Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime parades will likely remain a part of the Halloween and Christmas parties (assuming Halloween and Christmas parties are still a thing). This could be the excuse Disney needs to save money and improve crowd flow by eliminating (or reducing the scale of) parades.

What I Will Miss on our Next Trip to Walt Disney World FoF-Dragon  Festival of Fantasy Parade - Photo by Matt Wildey
<em>Festival of Fantasy Parade <em>

One of the things Disney fans have come to accept (grudgingly?) is that things change at Walt Disney World. Some of it is a natural part of changes in society and business evolution, while others are a result of more recent events.

Snacks come and go. One of the snacks that is no more is the giant Mickey doughnut that debuted as part of Mickey’s 90th birthday. Most recently, it was available at Cheshire Cafe. A shareable doughnut if ever there was one. At least the Cheshire Cat Tail is still available.

What I Will Miss on our Next Trip to Walt Disney World Donut Giant Mickey Donut Mickey Donut no longer available from Cheshire Cafe. Photo by Matt Wildey
The <em>Mickey Donut is no longer available at Cheshire Cafe<em>

One thing that might not seem obvious to miss is the crowds. It is tough to beat the feeling of walking to a park and playing ‘security line roulette.’ I scan the crowd and try to guess which line will move the fastest. Sometimes I guess right…others, not so much.

Part of the fun of Disney is the people watching. The crowds are alive and add to the experience. This is not to say that I miss Christmas day levels, but I think that it wouldn’t feel the same without all the people.

Another thing that has been put on an indefinite hold is FastPass+. Any already set have been canceled and new ones are not available to be scheduled until further notice. With the reduced capacity, they may not be needed. Time will tell. For me, FastPass+ was more than skipping the line for the headliners; it helps to put structure into a day.

The World Showcase at EPCOT will be missing (at least initially) the cultural representatives in the international pavilions. It has been reported that those cast members still in the area may be reassigned to other areas.

I always say that I am not a huge character guy, but I do find myself enjoying the interactions with them. My daughter is sometimes still a bit hesitant to meet with them, but every now and then, we get a great shot. Disney hasn’t indicated how the characters will be used, but they have said that they will be around.

What I Will Miss on our Next Trip to Walt Disney World Daisy Duck  Is this going to be a thing of the past? - Photo by Matt Wildey
<em>Is this going to be a thing of the past <em>

This is a strange new World. What things that are now no more will you will miss the next time you go to Walt Disney World?


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