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Why I Feel Safe Going To Disney

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In a few weeks, I will be back at the happiest place on earth after one of my longest ever hiatuses. While our country – and the world – is still dealing with Covid, many are choosing to try to return to some normalcy with the magic of Disney. Some naysayers may say that it is “too soon” or “unsafe,” but from what I am seeing, it seems like Disney is doing their very best to promote health, safety, and magic.

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While I cannot control others, I know I can control what I do in order to respect myself. In the videos and pictures I have seen, it seems like there is plenty of space to move around and the lines are well spaced out. In my park bag, I will have multiple masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and wipes in order to feel my safest. Knowing that I am taking every precaution possible gives me peace of mind that I will do my best to stay protected.

If you find yourself curious about what it is truly like in the parks, the best places to research are the annual passholder and Disney Vacation Club Facebook groups. I myself have asked a question or two in preparation for my trip and have found the responses to be overwhelmingly positive and pro-Disney. While the groups are mostly Disney addicts, there are some that try to be more realistic, but the overall response is that the magic is still there. In the groups, there are many tips and tricks about where to take mask breaks or when the best time is to go in order to have the best social distancing.

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While I know this is not the ideal Disney, and it is not the most Covid-friendly thing in the world, I do think the magic is still there. There are many things on the Disney website, as well as different tips and tricks on The DIS, on how to make this trip the best it can be. While I know that many may judge me for going to a theme park in a pandemic, I know that I am protecting myself and my family the best I can, and that is all I can ask for.


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