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The Hollywood Holly-Day Parade

The Hollywood Holly-Day Parade Photos

Mickey and Minnie are the Grand Marshals and are decked out in their holiday finery. Wreaths and garland transform their car into a Christmas carriage. They're accompanied by Goofy, Donald and Pluto and start the festivities.

  • Disney Hollywood Studios

Characters featured in the Holiday Motorcade have been:

Monsters, Inc featuring Sulley and Mike

Toy Story featuring Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head and the Green Army Men

Mary Poppins featuring Mary Poppins and Bert

The Muppets featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy and Sweetums

Star Wars featuring Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2D2

Mulan featuring Mulan, Mushu and the Warriors

Aladdin featuring Aladdin and Jasmine

Hercules featuring Herc

Villains featuring Hades, Cruella, Jafar, the Wicked Queen and Frollo

Lilo & Stitch featuring Stitch and Lilo

The Little Mermaid featuring Ariel and Sebastian

Playhouse Disney featuring Bear, Stanley, Treelo, and P&J Otter

Snow White featuring Dopey and Snow White

MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade01 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade010 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade011
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade012 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade013 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade016
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade017 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade018 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade019
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade02 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade020 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade021
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade022 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade023 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade024
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade025 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade026 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade027
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade028 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade029 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade03
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade030 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade031 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade032
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade033 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade034 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade035
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade036 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade037 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade04
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade05 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade06 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade07
MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade08 MGMHollywoodHolly-Day Parade09  


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