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I'm pleased to have this opportunity to formally introduce all of you to the wonderful team we've assembled here on the DIS. In the course of time, we've assembled a team of more than 50 forum moderators, chat hosts and webmasters, all of whom are largely responsible for the amazing destination that this site has become. What's even more amazing is that all of these people, without exception, are unpaid volunteers. They do this simply because they love Disney, and for no other reason. They are a special and talented group, and I'm honored to be in their company. As you traverse our site, and our boards, please make a point of letting these folks know that you appreciate their work, and their dedication. I know that I do.

- Pete Werner, Founder / Staff
  • Pete Werner (Founder)
  • Corey Martin (President / Webmaster)
  • Alex Ivkovic (Server Administrator)
  • Craig Williams (DIS Unplugged Producer / Video / Universal)
  • Tom Bell (Disneyland / Assistant Editor)
  • Teresa Echols (DIS Welcome Center)
  • William Perry (Creative Director)
  • Kathy Werling (Park Hours)
  • Ryan Clavin (DIS Unplugged Associate Producer / Video)
  • Jackie Gailey (Senior Editor)
  • Steve Porter (Project Manager)
  • Corey Fiasconaro (DIS Unplugged Associate Producer / Video)
  • Deni Sunderly (Assistant Editor) Administrators
  • WebmasterAlex
  • WebmasterDoc
  • WebmasterKathy
  • WebmasterMike
  • WebmasterMaryJo
DIS Unplugged Podcast Team
DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition Podcast Team
DISboards Moderators

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