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Today's Theme Park Hours
Thursday 10/23/2014
Magic Kingdom:
Epcot Future World:
Epcot World Showcase:
Hollywood Studios:
Animal Kingdom:
Typhoon Lagoon:
Blizzard Beach:
8:00 - 7:00
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Extra Magic Hours Morning: Magic Kingdom
Power of 10 Give Kids the World Challenge
5 Tips for an Easy Debarkation Process on your Disney Cruise
October 23, 2014
You've had a wonderful vacation and are about to re-enter the real world. How can you make that transition as easy as possible?

Planning a Disney Halloween Party in 10 Steps
October 21, 2014
A few ideas and 10 steps for planning a Disney Halloween party in your own neighborhood.

VIDEO: Halloween Horror Nights 2014 at Universal Studios Hollywood
October 20, 2014
Halloween Horror Nights takes over Universal Studios Hollywood the same way the event does at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. USH's event utilizes all areas of the "park" itself as well as part of the New York backlot allowing for 7 different houses, 5 different scare zones and a unique experience on the Terror Tram.

A new flag waving act has opened in the Italy Pavilion
October 20, 2014
Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro performs 12-minute shows several times daily.

Walt Disney World's Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid plans month-long rehab
October 20, 2014
The Magic Kingdom attraction will be closed from 2/2/2015 - 3/6/2015.

Island Supply store in Magic Kingdom's Adventureland closing
October 20, 2014
The shop will be closing 10/22/14 and will be replaced later this year.

LeVar Burton and Edward James Olmos added to Candlelight Processional narrators
October 19, 2014
The Candlelight Processional takes place at Epcot from 11/28-12/30/14.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets sold out on 10/28/14
October 19, 2014
Tickets are also sold out on the 30th and 31st.

Aulani makes plans for Halloween celebrations
October 19, 2014
Several family-friendly events are planned to celebrate Halloween at Aulani.

Big Hero 6 meet coming to Disneyland Park
October 17, 2014
Beginning after the movie opens in November, meet Hiro and Baymax from Disney's newest animated feature, "Big Hero 6", inside the Starcade in Tomorrowland.

4 Things I Loved About Being a Disney Cast Member
October 17, 2014
It's not just one of those jobs that you work at because it's close to your neighborhood. In general it takes a lot of desire and that certain something to become a great cast member.

Buy a 2-day Universal ticket and receive a 3rd day free
October 17, 2014
Discount is valid through June 7, 2015.

Top 5 Irritating Things You May Encounter On Your Disney Cruise
October 17, 2014
If you see them coming, it is easier to prepare and just keep swimming. So to help inform, here are the top 5 things that might rock your boat.

Blog - Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel – La Quinta Inn & Suites
October 16, 2014

Blog - A Video Tribute to Maelstrom
October 16, 2014

Wreck-It Ralph's last day at Hollywood Studios will be October 24
October 16, 2014
Ralph and Vanellope will be replaced with Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6.

VIDEO: Halloween Treats At Disneyland Resort
October 16, 2014
Tom Bell, host of The DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition, talks with a Disney Chef about Halloween treats you can find this year at the Disneyland Resort.

Top 5 tips to make your trip through the airport go smoother
October 16, 2014
You read those stories all the time about people complaining about their travel experiences. I would like to share some tips to help make your next trip to Walt Disney World a pleasant experience.

Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender Basics
October 15, 2014
Let's talk about some Fish Extender basics, including what they are and how you can participate.

Reservations for Trattoria al Forno open October 21st
October 15, 2014
Reservations for Trattoria al Forno, the new restaurant coming to Disney's BoardWalk at Walt Disney World, open October 21st.

Chat feature added to Disney Cruise Line Navigator app
October 15, 2014
Guests will be able to connect with other guests onboard the ship via the app.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets sold out on 10/16/14
October 14, 2014
Tickets for most other dates are still available.

6 Tips for a Smooth Embarkation Day on Your Disney Cruise
October 14, 2014
One of the most exciting days on a Disney Cruise is embarkation day. You're filled with a nervous anticipation, yet looking forward to a fun and relaxing vacation. I'm going to share 6 tips to make your embarkation day go as smoothly as possible.

Blog - 8 Great Places to Grab a Snack at Universal Orlando
October 13, 2014

Discounted cruises offered for U.S. Military
October 13, 2014
Disney Cruise Line's Military discounts are available for all branches of active and retired members (or spouse) of the Military.

VIDEO: Halloween and the Cadaver Dans at Disneyland Resort
October 13, 2014
Tom Bell, host of The DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition, talks about Disneyland Resort's celebration of Halloween. Plus the Cadaver Dans perform in front of the Haunted Mansion.

Florida residents can sail for as little as $90 per night!
October 13, 2014
These Florida Resident discounts come and go quickly and must be booked by 10/19/2014.

PhotoPass offers complimentary "Once Upon a Time" magical shot
October 13, 2014
For a limited time, you can get your photo taken in front of a "Once Upon A Time" background at Disney's Hollywood Studios, then when you visit MyDisneyPhotoPass.com to claim your photo, you'll find that Elsa and The Evil Queen have been magically added to your photo.

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Boat Exit
October 12, 2014
Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Boat Exit September 15, 2014 - Afternoon

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Fishing Village
October 12, 2014
Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Fishing Village September 15, 2014 - Afternoon

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Final Scene
October 12, 2014
Maelstrom Unload - Maelstrom Final Scene September 15, 2014 - Afternoon

Anna & Elsa's Boutique now open at the Disneyland Resort
October 11, 2014
Anna & Elsa's Boutique has replaced Studio Disney 365 in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort.

runDisney announces race dates for 2015/2016
October 11, 2014
Notably missing from the list is the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. This could be due to possible upcoming construction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Adventures by Disney Insiders can save $300 on a new departure
October 11, 2014
Insiders who have traveled on two or more Adventures by Disney vacations will receive $300 off per reservation when booking by March 28, 2015.

Blog - Book Review: Walt Disney: Drawn from Imagination
October 11, 2014

New bus route being tested for Magic Kingdom resorts
October 11, 2014
The bus will run between the Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian Resort, the Polynesian and Typhoon Lagoon. This will fix the problem of all Typhoon Lagoon guests having to transfer at Epcot after 2:00pm.

One-day Memory Maker add-on available for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
October 11, 2014
For $39, you will receive all your Disney PhotoPass photos taken on the day of the event, including character meet and greets, dining and attraction photos from your time in the parks before the Party.

Blog - Spooky Halloween Merchandise in Walt Disney World
October 10, 2014

VIDEO: Maelstrom POV & Queue Tribute
October 10, 2014
Take a walk through the queue and ride through Maelstrom at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot. Maelstrom closed on October 5th to become a Frozen attraction.

Cruising With Special Dietary Needs Onboard the Disney Cruise Line
October 10, 2014
Living with a dietary restriction can feel like prison. Challenged families often find themselves excluded from activities when food is involved. When they are included, the difficulty to accommodate the condition may not seem worth the effort. I know. I’ve walked in these shoes...

Hess gas station near Boardwalk to be closed for 2 weeks
October 09, 2014
Many Disney resort guests stop here to get food and beverages for their hotel rooms.

Get 4th night free or save 30% at Aulani, plus get free breakfast
October 09, 2014
Stay 4 nights and get the 4th free, plus complimentary breakfast. Stay longer and get 30% off stays of 5 nights or longer, plus complimentary breakfast. Offer is valid for stays most nights 1/4/15 - 3/23/15.

Mickey's Halloween Party is completely sold out!
October 09, 2014
Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Park is now completely sold out for all remaining dates.

Animal Kingdom's Affection Section closed through 11/10/14
October 09, 2014
This is located in Rafiki's Planet Watch.

Save up to 30% with a Room Only offer at select Walt Disney World resorts
October 09, 2014
Guests can take advantage of a room-only offer at select Disney resorts 1/5/15 - 3/28/15.

Play, Stay & Dine offer released for General Public - save up to $800!
October 09, 2014
Book a discounted package with tickets, dining and hotel accommodations for stays most nights from 12/14/14-12/20/14 and 1/5/15 - 3/7/15.

Photos of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend medals
October 08, 2014
The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will be held January 7-11, 2015.

Blog - Theme Parks Increase Intellectual Property Lineup
October 08, 2014

Top 4 Best Live Action Stage Shows At Walt Disney World According to You
October 08, 2014
This top 4 list is comprised of the attractions you at home have chosen as the best live action stage shows at Walt Disney World.

Blog - A Walking Tour of Disney's Wilderness Lodge
October 07, 2014

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets sold out on 10/9/14
October 07, 2014
Other sold out dates are October 30 and 31.

Haunted Mansion gift shop, Memento Mori, now open
October 06, 2014
The decor is inspired by Madame Leota and the shop carries items from the Haunted Mansion Authentic program, such as apparel, home goods, souvenirs and more.

VIDEO: Halloween Horror Nights 24 House + Scare Zone Overview 2014
October 06, 2014
Halloween Horror Nights 24 is one of the biggest years ever in the history of HHN at Universal Studios Florida. Everything is done on a different scale than ever before and no detail is overlooked, like the largest maze with the biggest cast in the event's history.

Which Disneyland Resort character meal is right for you?
October 06, 2014
The Disneyland Resort offers several character meals, so how do you decide which one is best for you and your family?

Disney Visa Stay, Play & Dine offer
October 06, 2014
Visa cardholders can book a discounted package with tickets, dining and hotel accommodations for stays most nights from 12/14/14-12/20/14 and 1/5/15 - 3/7/15.

Disney Visa cardholders can save up to 30% on a room only reservation
October 06, 2014
Disney Visa cardholders can take advantage of a room-only offer at select Disney resorts 1/5/15 - 3/28/15.

3 Aspects of a Disney Vacation That Your Child Can Control
October 06, 2014
How can you make your child feel like they have some control of the day-to-day plans? We’re going to take a look at 3 ways to help your child “take charge” of your vacation once you’ve hit the parks.

New policy in effect for Chill Spa on Disney Cruise Line
October 05, 2014
A parent or guardian must be present for the duration of all Chill Spa treatments.

Name for new Haunted Mansion gift shop is "Memento Mori"
October 05, 2014
The shop is in soft opening and is expected to open fully next week.

Dates announced for 2015 Rock the Universe event
October 04, 2014
Join other fans to experience one of the biggest Christian rock concerts in the world!

Disney Cruise Line releases discounted sailings
October 04, 2014
These rates can all be combined with Dreams Unlimited Travel's exclusive shipboard credits.

Another date sold out for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
October 03, 2014
Tickets are now sold out on October 30 and 31.

Molly Hatchett to perform at October Velvet Sessions
October 03, 2014
The lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando is transformed into an intimate, high-energy entertainment venue for "Velvet Sessions."

A Frozen Holiday Wish show to replace Cinderella's Holiday Wish at Magic Kingdom
October 03, 2014
Anna and Elsa can be seen in the show in front of the castle. Queen Elsa's ice powers will transform Cinderella Castle into an ice palace.

Changes made to Disney Cruise Line Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations
October 02, 2014
The changes only affect cruises booked after October 1, 2014.

Thanksgiving options at the Disneyland Resort
October 02, 2014
The Disneyland Resort offers several options for Thanksgiving, including a feast in the Grand Ballroom of the Disneyland Hotel.

Jonathan Groff and Joe Morton will narrate Epcot Candlelight Processional this year
October 02, 2014
Jonathan Groff was the voice of Kristoff in "Frozen"; Joe Morton is on the TV show "Scandal."

Flying Fish Cafe to offer breakfast this fall
October 02, 2014
This is intended to fill the gap between Kouzzina's closing and the opening of the new Italian restaurant, Trattoria al Forno, in December.

Disney Facts and Insider Stories
October 02, 2014
Disney Facts and Insider Stories from a thread on DISboards.com titled "Your best Disney fact or insider story..."

Frozen Holiday Premium Package announced for Osborne Lights
October 01, 2014
Get reserved viewing for the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration; reserved viewing location for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights with specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Frozen-themed desserts, holiday lithograph and Frozen pin.

Blog - Navigating Walt Disney World on Wheels
October 01, 2014

Blog - Before and After - Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland
October 01, 2014

Harbor Nights to be held October 17 at Portofino Bay Hotel
October 01, 2014
Guests will enjoy wine, gourmet food, complimentary hand-rolled cigars and live jazz on the Harbor Piazza at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.

October Merchandise Events and Signings at Walt Disney World
October 01, 2014
List of artist signings and appearances around the Walt Disney World Resort.

Kids in Control - 3 ways to let the kids take charge of planning your Disney vacation
September 30, 2014
We’ve been to Walt Disney World many times as a family, so sometimes it’s neat to put those itineraries aside, switch things up and put the kids in control of our plans!

Blog - How did you become a Disney fan?
September 30, 2014

Jake's Beer Dinner coming up this Friday at Royal Pacific Resort
September 30, 2014
More than 50 craft beers, food and live music by The I-4 Band make up this festival under the outdoor Wantilan Pavilion at the Royal Pacific Resort.

Disney Cruise Line releases discounted sailings for U.S. Military
September 30, 2014
Disney Cruise Line's Military discounts are available for all branches of active and retired members (or spouse) of the Military.

Florida resident discounts available on Disney Cruise Line
September 30, 2014
Sail for as little as $100 per night.

Kouzzina by Cat Cora closes at the Boardwalk today
September 30, 2014
A new restaurant concept will open in its place this fall.

VIDEO: Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2014 Overview
September 29, 2014
Join the DIS Unplugged team as they stroll around World Showcase enjoying food from the 2014 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival!

Dates for Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios
September 29, 2014
Approximately every 10 minutes, the lights "dance" to holiday music, while "Florida snow" falls in the background, making this the perfect Christmas setting.

Nascar Sports Grille at Universal CityWalk to close November 1
September 29, 2014
No announcement has been made as to what will replace the restaurant.

VIDEO: Alice in Wonderland Pre and Post-2014 Refurb Picture in Picture POV
September 28, 2014
The attraction was recently opened after a rehab. Watch both the old and the new attraction together with this Picture in Picture video.

Canadian Lumberjack Show to replace Off Kilter at Epcot
September 28, 2014
They will perform year round and will begin the week of October 5.

Disney Visa extends $50 Disney Cruise Line oboard credit offer; now only available on beverages
September 27, 2014
Get a $50 Shipboard beverage credit by using your Disney Visa when booking your cruise.

VIDEO: Alice in Wonderland POV at Disneyland
September 27, 2014
The ride has re-opened with brand new video effects, a lot of new paint, added characters throughout the attraction and the removal of safety rails from the exterior portion of the attraction.

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Hollywood Boulevard - Crossroads of the World
September 26, 2014
Take 5 Minutes to Relax at Hollywood Boulevard - Crossroads of the World

Mistakes People Make on their Disney World Vacation
September 26, 2014
Knowing that DISboards.com is loaded with tons of Disney information, I've decided to start condensing popular threads by quoting the informative posts into a single page.

Universal Orlando offers military ticket discount
September 25, 2014
Purchase a one-day, park-to-park ticket and receive two free days added onto the ticket.

Top 4 Best Continuously Loading Rides At Walt Disney World According to You
September 25, 2014
Those of you who watch The DIS Unplugged know all about the "Best Of" bracket shows. In this particular show, the DIS Unplugged team comes up with their own tournament style bracket to decide the best continuously loading rides at Walt Disney World.

Blog - Adventure of the Month - Cities of Knights and Lights
September 25, 2014

Top 5 Not-So-Obvious Things To Pack For Your Disney Cruise
September 24, 2014
It is entirely possible that you have overlooked a few items that would come in very handy during your cruise. It's not that you can't survive without these. It's that the convenience of them is worthwhile, so here are our top 5 not-so-obvious items that we feel should make their way into your luggage.

Blog - A Walking Tour of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
September 24, 2014

Monorail schedule to be adjusted again after September 27
September 23, 2014
The monorail will have a different operating schedule than normal as an automation upgrade takes place.

Members of the U.S. Military can sail for as little as $100 per night
September 23, 2014
Disney Cruise Line's Military discounts are available for all branches of active and retired members (or spouse) of the Military.

Disney Cruise Line changes rules about decorating stateroom doors
September 23, 2014
Magnetic signs advertising company names other than Disney may not be used.

How to make the most of your Walt Disney World vacation
September 23, 2014
Now that your trip is booked, it's time to start the day-to-day planning so you can make the most out of your time at Walt Disney World!

2015 dates released for Disneyland's Grad Nite
September 22, 2014
Dates and pricing has been released for Grad Nite 2015 at the Disneyland Resort.

Cirque du Soleil dining package available
September 22, 2014
Purchase a ticket to the 6:00 performance of La Nouba and take advantage of this special package, which includes an entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. The dinner package option is available at Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe, Planet Hollywood and Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

Rehab planned for Splash Mountain
September 22, 2014
The ride will be closed 1/4/2015 - 1/30/2015.

"Disney's Behind the Magic of Our Steam Trains" tour will be closed this fall
September 22, 2014
This Magic Kingdom tour will be closed 9/29-11/7/14.

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Sweet Spells - Sunset Boulevard
September 22, 2014
Take 5 Minutes to Relax at Sweet Spells - Sunset Boulevard

A Guide to Drinking Around Epcot's World Showcase at Walt Disney World
September 22, 2014
One of the most popular things to do at Epcot’s World Showcase, you know aside from all that pesky learning and culture, is what’s called Drinking Around The World.

VIDEO: Disney Park Bench - Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Sonny Eclipse
September 21, 2014
Take 5 Minutes to Relax at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe - Sonny Eclipse

Festival of the Lion King celebrates 1 millionth guest in new theater
September 21, 2014
1 million guests have attended the show since it opened in its new theater in June.

VIDEO: The Fountain of Fair Fortune at Diagon Alley
September 20, 2014
The Fountain of Fair Fortune tells the story of three witches - Asha, Altheda and Amata, as well as a muggle knight, Sir Luckless.

Blog - Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival FAQ
September 20, 2014

Prices for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Marketplaces
September 20, 2014
This year's Festival runs from September 19 - November 10, 2014.

Mickey's Halloween Party perks for Disneyland Passholders
September 19, 2014
Disneyland Annual Passholders who are attending Mickey's Halloween Party can stop by the Opera House for screenings of Halloween-themed Disney classics plus a tasty treat.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train onboard videos and photos available with Memory Maker
September 19, 2014
After riding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a video and photos of the guest's ride will be added to their My Disney Experience account. These photos/video are only available to guests who have purchased Memory Maker.

Planet Hollywood's outside merchandise location has closed
September 19, 2014
This is due to construction. Merchandise is still available inside the restaurant or at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Last Minute Cruising - A Crash Course
September 19, 2014
Whatever the reason, you have decided to go on a Disney cruise, but you have minimal time before embarkation day. How do you prepare for such a big deal with such little time? Where do you even begin? Let’s walk through the most basic steps to get you on that ship.

Tips for using FastPass at Disneyland
September 19, 2014
With all the talk of Magic Bands and FastPass+ lately, I thought it might be good to remind folks that the Disneyland Resort is still using the "classic" paper FastPass system and maybe pass on a few tips.

Blog - Handbag Round Up: Dooney & Bourke, Vera Bradley, & LeSportsac
September 19, 2014

Top 4 Best Thrill Rides At Walt Disney World According to You
September 19, 2014
The list below is the “final four” of a series of polls tournament bracket style from the DIS Unplugged Facebook page.

Blog - Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel - Candy Cane Inn
September 18, 2014

VIDEO: Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 24 Preview
September 18, 2014
Halloween Horror Nights begins tomorrow - check out our preview to see what's coming this year!

VIDEO: Drinks Around The World Epcot
September 18, 2014
Corey, Shaun and Craig finish the Drinks Around The World series with the ultimate challenge – drinking around Epcot’s World Showcase!

Blog - Looking for something to do before your cruise? Visit the Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral
September 18, 2014

Chase Lounge will return to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival
September 18, 2014
This lounge offers Chase cardholders a place to relax, enjoy complimentary beverages and charging stations for their electronics.

2015 Walt Disney World Marathon registration re-opened
September 17, 2014
Runners can now have the chance to sign up for the 1/2 Marathon, the full Marathon and/or the Goofy Challenge as part of the Goofy Giveback.

A Simple Guide to Planning Your First Walt Disney World Vacation
September 17, 2014
Planning a trip to Walt Disney World and don't know where to start? I've simplified the process by suggesting some decisions that need to be made before others.

Save 20% on premium rooms at the Disneyland Resort
September 17, 2014
Most weeknights this Fall, save 20% on premium rooms at the three hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

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