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Father wearing "Police Crime Unit" shirt asked to leave Universal Studios

Leah Zanolla | Posted: Sep 6, 2013 | Updated: Oct 19, 2014 - 9:25:27 AM
A family was kicked out of Universal Orlando for the wording on the father's t-shirt. Christian Jarosz, of Jupiter, FL, was at the park last week with his family to celebrate his daughter's 16th birthday at a Blue Man Group performance. Jarosz was wearing a shirt that read "Police: Street Crime Unit" that he received from his brother, a police officer in New York. Jarosz says he was cleared by security outside the gates, but when he entered the park, officials stopped him for "breaking company policy" and was told that he couldn't have that shirt in the park. He was told "only working law enforcement personnel are permitted to wear clothing that identifies them as police officers for everyone's safety and to avoid confusion." He claims he has worn it to Walt Disney World without a problem.

Jarosz alleges that he questioned the officials, but then offered to purchase a new t-shirt so he could continue with his evening. The family went to the Billabong store to buy a new shirt, but were met with more security officers and claimed they were told not to purchase anything and they would be arrested if they didn’t leave the park.

The family was refunded the $500 ticket price of the show, but they do not plan to return to the theme park.

Universal Orlando has responded with details about their policy regarding incidents like this. "I can tell you it is our practice to clearly explain policy decisions to our guests - and it is not our practice to ask guests to leave our theme parks simply because they ask us questions." In the statement, the Jarosz family was asked to contact Universal about what had happened.