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What is the one "tip" you can give us?



By Corey Martin

DISboards.com is loaded with Disney information and has tons of very knowledgeable and experienced members, but sometimes it’s extremely difficult to sift through 100’s of pages to find the information you are looking for, so I’ve decided to start taking some of those long threads and quote the informative posts in a condensed format.

The first one is a thread titled “To the CM's on the board: what is the one "tip" you can give us”.  It was created by cab0ad, and although it started in 2009, it is still active today with relevant information. cab0ad posted… “I was wondering if any CM's had some really good advice for visitors? Anything about attractions, dining, parade viewing, parking, ANYTHING?? Love to hear a CM's view of a good tip.”

Disney Cast MembersPhoto posted by GirlDreamer

The posts below are not listed in any particular order, but I did go through all 89 pages so you don’t have to. I hope you are able to find a tip that will help you on your next Disney World vacation.

Are you a Disney Cast Member or an experienced Disney guest with tips to share? If so, please comment below.

Discrepancies or Corrections? Please let us know.