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CAMILLA x DISNEY100 Collab Now Available!

Camilla x Disney100

Australian fashion house Camilla has launched their long-awaited collaboration with Disney, finally revealing the Disney100-inspired collection. The collection is separated into four major themes, Mickey Mouse (Women’s Apparel), Minnie Mouse (Women’s Apparel), Youth, and Men’s Apparel. Admittedly, this is a level of fashion that most of us won’t find an everyday use for, though I can’t lie; I loved looking through the designs.

A love note from Camilla to Mickey & Minnie, celebrating 100 years of Disney and the world of possibility it has brought us. Waltzing with Walt’s life motto, we channel his childlike awe by daring you to believe in magic.  

The Milla Villa becomes a place of wonder. A world where fun, exploration, and of course dessert always comes first, we relive wistful memories from youth. In these Limited-Edition prints, our collective of artists salute the journey of Mickey and Minnie from heart-felt early sketches to the magical modern day.  

With the mouse that started the magic centre stage, we transform an inspired journey into free-flowing dress silhouettes, cheeky minis, classic kaftans and epic bombers. A collection that reconnects us to that inner voice…  

A reminder to always dream.  

A call to keep exploring.  

A cue to step into the unknown.  

Forever filled with fantastical fun, we welcome Mickey and Minnie to the CAMILLA family. Let’s never grow up!

“I’m excited to welcome Disney to the CAMILLA collective and family. I hope you love these designs as much as I loved revisiting the little girl inside of me,” Camilla Franks


Let’s take a look at some of the pieces on offer:

Mickey Takes A Trip brings the worlds of Disney and CAMILLA together in a dreamlike fairytale landscape. The delicately detailed floral designs are from both the Disney and CAMILLA archives, and our designers added a gold filigree Mickey head (with extra jewels for that CAMILLA sparkle). If you look closely, you’ll find hidden Mickey’s throughout! (Camilla Website)

Camilla Mickey

Illustrating Minnie’s world, the Minnie Mouse Magic print is inspired by the fun and femininity of Minnie’s character. The motivation behind this print was to create a cute and quirky, pretty, delicate, and romantic-style print to honour Minnie in our uniquely CAMILLA way. It is a traditional CAMILLA-style print in which touches of Disney and Minnie have been woven throughout to create something truly unique. (Camilla Website)

Camilla Minnie

Maximum Mickey is a more subtle print designed for our Menswear collection, and this limited edition print features just three Menswear pieces. This print is imagined in one of our best-selling color combinations, gold, and black, with the traditional CAMILLA gold lattice and Mickey head silhouettes as the heroes. (Camilla Website)

Camilla Men

I must stress that all of these beautiful images are from designer Camilla and can be found on their website. Apparel ranges from AUD 299 (roughly USD 200) to AUD 2999 (approximately USD 2008). The Minnie Mouse Magic Maxi Wrap Skirt is absolutely divine. If you see someone wearing this daily around Sydney, everywhere from the office to the supermarket, it’s likely me.

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