Current Obsession: Clutter-Free Disney Souvenirs

They are not souvenirs.  They’re more talismans.


  1. 1:  an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune

  2. 2:  something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects

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Retrieved January 22, 2016, from

What you bring back from the World is important.  You can bring back memories, photos, dirty laundry, tired feet, and a slew of other items that Park fans associate with a successful trip.  As a fan of low clutter, I choose carefully when I want to add an actual object as a reminder of my most recent visit to a Park. These objects are imbued with the spirit of the trip.  They initiate little neurotransmitter cascades of happiness when I make contact with them.  My favorites are in the everyday object category.  Everyday objects need periodic replacement, so from time to time a Disney Parks object moves into the rotation as the Target ones wear out.


  • Best for office desks, home offices, front porches, back porches, early morning with black coffee, late evening with Bailey’s, summers for ice cream when all of the bowls are dirty, and other mug-centric functions.
  • Designs tend to change seasonally.  Some designs have a longer availability, and are seen in a wide variety of stores. The rule of thumb is that if you see one that you love, nab it.  There’s no guarantee it will be around next time.
Leave no doubt or keep it subtle.

Leave no doubt or keep it subtle.

  • Subcategory: Rapid Fill mugs
    • Best as a reminder to place your cup on tray.
    • Great for use in the car for kids and adults.
    • Semi-disposable/guilt-free when family member loses it.
It's your first work day after vacation.  Which do you choose?

It’s your first work day after vacation. Which do you choose?

Princess, Mouse, or other character clothing

  • Best for those days that you need a confidence, beauty, inclusiveness booster, and a reminder that you might be going back.
  • Can be worn to work with appropriate forethought.
  • Designs are improving and expanding season to season.
  • Many options have “hidden Mickeys” and only you will know that you are fangirl/boying on Disney. (SCARVES!)
  • Again, if you see something you like, get it.  Many designs are not carried online or at every store.


Snow White goes to the grocery store; Snow White goes to casual Friday.

Snow White goes to the grocery store; Snow White goes to casual Friday.

Everyday objects

  • Best when you have just moved and cannot find that salt/pepper combo, wine stopper, tray, or Dooney and Burke zip shopper.
  • Using these items throughout a routine day reconnects you with the Magic of the Parks.
  • Everybody has to have dish towels and a toothbrush holder.  Why not have magical ones?

Choose your talismans carefully, and they will bring you magic for years.


Sad, broken things at my house that need to be replaced via multiple trips to Disney.

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