Monday Merch Meeting: Nike, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, Grad 2021, Print, Figures & More!

Happy Monday to you… except this week in a Marilyn Monroe voice – without being creepy, though! If you are new to the meeting then don’t worry, it’s an ‘in’ joke.

I can’t even begin to explain my last seven days, so if yours were anywhere near as crazy as mine, I feel you. Our Merch Meeting looks a bit more lively this week thanks to a more extensive release from Disney, including some ideas for Mom (Mum for my fellow Aussies) and Earth Day Merch. Let’s take a look.

Mother’s Day Shirts and Limited Release Pin

If you are looking for that perfect gift for the queen in your household, check out these cute T’s now available along with Mother’s Day 2021 Annual Pin release.

Mickey & Minnie in the Kitchen

I know this is a little coincidental for these to be directly under the Mother’s Day gift ideas. And no, it is not a sign that all Moms belong in the kitchen. It’s just that I really like these, and since I am your cruise ship director on this weekly sailing down the merch canal, I get to decide. 🙂

Graduation Plush 2021 Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Still have not found the right gift for your 2021 graduate? Try the Mickey Mouse Graduation Plush 2021 – Small 11”, and Minnie Mouse Graduation Plush 2021 – Small 11”, both $21.99,

Earth Day 2021 Merch

Earth Day is officially April 22nd, but with the right mindset, it can be celebrated year-round. Get set up with these T-shirts from National Geographic and Moana Earth Day 2021 Limited Release Pin.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tropical Ear Headband

It’s everything I love in the world rolled into one thing. Tropical print, Minnie Mouse Ears, Island Flowers, and a hair accessory. Perfection. Don’t miss the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tropical Ear Headband, $29.99.

EPCOT Matted Print Collection

I’ve always thought that a series of these would look fantastic, especially with the proper lighting to top it off on the right wall or long hallway. Each print is $39.99 and 14″ by 18″.

New Figurines from Jim Shore

If you have a collector in the house, add one of these new offerings from Jim Shore to their set. Is it just me that has noticed that height seems to be associated with being a villain? At 5’8″, I’m not entirely sure what that would make me. Bad guy or Good guy?

Lightning McQueen Bedding Sets

There is nothing more exciting than transforming a child’s room with a cool new set of themed sheets. Somehow that small amount of material can make everything feel special. This week there is the Lightning McQueen Bedding Set – Cars – Twin / Full, $74.99 – $84.99, and Lightning McQueen Sheet Set – Cars – Twin / Full, $29.99 – $34.99

Inside Out Mini Loungefly Backpack

I know, I know; another Loungefly backpack. It’s kind of like when you remember that you love sushi and decide to have it all the time, but then you eat way too much of it and never want to see it again. Till next year, that is, when you remember that you love it and start the process all over again. Let’s just say it hasn’t quite been the break I needed, Loungefly, but these designs are adorable just the same. The Inside Out Mini Loungefly Backpack is $75.

Performance Polo Shirt by Nike Golf

If the golf course is more your scene while your family visits the theme parks, Nike have you covered, literally, with their performance Polo range featuring Mickey Mouse himself.

The All-New Mickey Mouse Club MMC Patch Set – Disney Parks

If you are working with a budget this Mother’s Day, try The All-New Mickey Mouse Club MMC Patch Set – Disney Parks, $14.99; these little patches can transform an existing piece of clothing into something exceptional with very little work or expense. Think jean jackets, denim shorts, bags, or even a hair accessory.

That’s going to do it for now, my friends. Have a fabulous week, be kind to those around you, and I will catch you on Wednesday.

Meeting Adjourned!

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