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Disney Vacation Club

DVC Rent/Trade Points FAQ

Article: Renting Out Your Unused Disney Vacation Club Points
How does the Rent/Trade Board work?

This Rent/Trade Board has been created to assist in the rental of accommodations through the use of DVC points or the trading of points between members. We ask that no listings to sell DVC memberships be made here. DVC members may post the availability of their points to rent/trade and anyone may post requests to use member points. Following are some comments regarding this Board and suggestions about creating successful transactions.

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What are the "points" I see mentioned?

DVC members own Vacation Points, which are used to "pay" for reservations made through the Disney Vacation Club. These points may be used at the member’s home resort up to 11 months in advance and up to 7 months in advance at other DVC resorts. Points may also be used for reservations at other WDW resorts, Disney Cruise Line and many other accommodations worldwide. For more information about the Disney Vacation Club, please read the DVC-FAQ page here at the DIS. You can get an idea of the number of points needed for specific dates by using our DVC Point Calculator.

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Can I "rent" points- even if I’m not a DVC Member?
Anyone may "rent" point reservations from DVC members and DVC members may transfer points between one another. Transactions between DVC members and others are provided for in the Member Guidelines of the Disney Vacation Club.However these transactions are entirely conducted without the assistance of the Disney Information Station (other than providing the Rent/Trade Board forum) or DVC (other than making the actual reservation or other transfer of points).

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How does a Member "advertise" points available for rent?
Members, wishing to provide points for use in reservations to others, may list their availability on the Rent/Trade Board. Once contacted by a prospective "renter", details of this transaction should be agreed upon by the listing member and the "renter". The listing member should indicate his/her preferences as to how the transaction will be handled- including cost of the transaction, deposit required, and form and timing of payment.

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How do I ask about renting points from a DVC Member?
Those interested in securing the use of DVC points ("renters") may post their interest in acquiring a reservation through a DVC member. The "renter" should indicate the desired resort, villa size and dates for the reservation. It is suggested that the "renter" be familiar with the number of points needed for the reservation by using the DVC Point Calculator, here at DIS. "Renters" should be aware that points needed for weekend (Fri./Sat.) nights are about double the points needed for weekday (Sun.-Thurs.) nights.

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Can I trade or transfer points with another Member?

In the case of DVC members interested in a transfer of points (rather than a reservation), the same guidelines can be followed. DVC Member Services (MS) can provide the transfer of points between members. Please be aware that, according to DVC Member Guidelines, the transfer of points between members is NOT to involve any monetary transaction.

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How does the reservation work?
The following suggestions are a compilation of comments and questions from DVC members and "renters" through the DVC Board and DVC Rent/Trade Board. They are intended as guidelines only.

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Will I get a confirmation of my reservation?
Members should make the reservation in the name of the person who will use the reservation. This is simply accomplished with a call to MS. Once the confirmation has been received by the member (DVC will be send it to the member), the "renter" should be asked for a deposit to hold the reservation. Once the agreed upon deposit has been received, the DVC confirmation letter should be sent to the "renter". Payment of the balance of the transaction should be received prior to any deadlines the member is subject to through DVC- such as banking deadlines and the 30-day cancellation period.

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What happens if I cancel the reservation?
Important to this transaction is an agreement/understanding regarding cancellation by the "renter". Since the member does risk loss of the use of points, it can be suggested that once the reservation is made, the "renter" will be subject to the same restrictions placed on the member with regards to cancellation. This will primarily involve the use of the DVC "Holding Account", where points canceled within 30 days of the reservation are only available for use within 30 days for any subsequent reservation and may not be banked- they will expire at the end of the current use year.

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How can I pay for the reservation?

Renters should expect to be able to independently confirm their reservation, by calling the resort after receiving the reservation confirmation. Some members are able to accept credit card transactions for payment, others desire cashier checks or personal checks. Some have reported using an escrow agent to hold all funds until the reservation begins. All payment details should be discussed prior to making the reservation. The reservation will entitle the "renter" to all normal amenities that apply to the accommodation. At a DVC resort, while staying on points, this includes limited housekeeping services, resort parking pass and use of resort facilities. Member benefits, such as discounts and pool hopping privileges may not apply to "renters".

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Please remember that all aspects of these transactions are negotiable between parties. This includes deposit, form and amount of payment.

Still have Questions?

If you have other questions that are not listed here, pay a visit to our DVC discussion board. There you can ask any question you like of other DVC members. CLICK HERE to go to the boards!

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