Could premiums like Magic Kingdom Cabanas spoil the Real Magic at WDW?

The aura surrounding the Magic Kingdom is real. When we visit the Parks we know there is a distinct and unique energy that meets us at the front gate. Why? Where does this come from? How did it begin? What sustains it?

This Magic is real. That’s right. Real Magic. As real as gravity and microwaves. Let’s go so far as to say this Magic is measurable by modern science. It’s also dependent on us for its continued existence.

Try this exercise: I’ll name a city, and you list two words that come to mind.

Washington, DC

Las Vegas


Did you respond with a completely different set of words for each city? For Washington, words like “powerful” and “proud” come to mind. Las Vegas brings to mind “uninhibited” and “flamboyant”. Paris is “alive” and “sophisticated”.  Did the cities get their personalities from city council? Or state? Or marketing team?

Those characteristics might highlight one or another trait. But each city’s ambience didn’t originate from a strategic plan. Those cities, aside from being in place for a significant number of years, are full of people – millions of people who flock to these centers for specific reasons. Washington: to participate in government; Vegas: to party; Paris: to experience culture and history. Residents are caught up in the city’s purpose through service and support roles, perpetuating the aura around that geographic location.

I promised you science, didn’t I?

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Einstein started it with his “spooky action at a distance”; telling us that two particles, once entangled, would forever be linked in a quantum way. If you are a human organism leaving a trail of tiny tiny fragments of DNA behind you in a busy busy theme park, you’re going to find yourself connected via quantum physics to a whole group of people who came before and after you. They are also huge Disney fans tapped into the Magical frequency we tune into at the Parks.

With sincere apologies to the scientists who use math and particle accelerators, this oversimplification tells us something about our Disney magic. Our Magic is based on the layering of little Disney-spun photons over millions of people during decades who then take the entangled photons back home where they relive the Magic every time someone else’s Disney-spun photon sparkles.

We create the Magic. You, me, the cast members. Whoever sets foot on property is sustaining the Magic. It is our love for Disney stories and Disney imagination that perpetuates the phenomenon we all recognize when we walk down Main Street.

Let’s go a step further. How would we measure this? Three suggestions for any postgrads looking for thesis topics:

  1. Psychology: Do Disney Park repeat guests tend to display internal or external locus of control?
  2. Biology: Presence of residual DNA on exposed surfaces in theme parks: quality and longevity.
  3. Sociologists: Perceived economic class division and its affect on theme park visit satisfaction.
  4. Quantum Physicists: Keep on with your research. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

What puts Disney magic at risk? Only the continual disruption of the storytelling of the Parks would do that. No number of rental cabanas in Tomorrowland should distract us from the sound of Space Mountain’s soundtrack. No view of the gorgeous facade of the Grand Floridian from the Monorail should make us sleep less soundly at All Star Sports. No scooter incident should distract us from the hours spent moving around the property. No crane stays in front of the castle forever.

We are the ones responsible for bringing the stories to life. Take your role to heart.


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