Dining Review: Old Hollywood Brunch at Steakhouse 55

Dining Review: Old Hollywood Brunch at Steakhouse 55 SH-55-2

Breakfast just got more interesting thanks to Steakhouse 55! This delightful place is nestled in the corner of the Disneyland Hotel near Goofy’s Kitchen. If you are looking for an enticing breakfast to start off your day, I would highly recommend this restaurant.

When you make your way to your table, you will be transported into Old Hollywood and feel like you are at an exclusive club. The walls are decorated with old black-and-white photos of classic Hollywood celebrities such as Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Rosemary Clooney, Shirley Temple, and of course, Walt Disney!

The menu has a wide selection of breakfast and brunch dishes, from the classic Steak and Eggs and American Breakfast, to Pork Belly Chilaquiles and Chicken and Waffles. Hats off to the chef of Steakhouse 55 for giving us 3 different takes on an all time brunch classic — Eggs Benedict.

Dining Review: Old Hollywood Brunch at Steakhouse 55 IMG_0908 2 IMG_0908 2 Dining Review: Old Hollywood Brunch at Steakhouse 55 IMG_0907 IMG_0907

I decided to order the classic American Breakfast. The dish comes in at $23, which seems a little steep, but you honestly get a lot for the price. The dish comes with two eggs any style, choice of thick-cut applewood bacon, country ham or pork sausage, shredded potato cake, toast, coffee or tea, and choice of assorted juices. I decided to get scrambled eggs, pork sausage, and gluten-free toast. The scrambled eggs came out creamy and perfectly cooked, and the sausages were plump and moist on the inside with a subtle black pepper taste. The shredded potato cake is what makes this dish stand out for me. This crunchy delicious cake has hints of onion and garlic that compliment the eggs and sausage but do not overwhelm the palate.

The breakfast menu can easily be adjusted to accommodate a gluten allergy, and Steakhouse 55 does offer gluten-free pancakes and waffles. We decided to splurge and go for a gluten-free Mickey waffle. When we received the waffle it looked like it was cooked perfectly and I gave it a tap to see if I could hear a nice toasted sound. Everything seemed to point to an instant success — until I cut into it. Unfortunately, it appeared to be raw inside with a sticky dough consistency. We asked our server for another one since it appeared to be raw. She went to the back to inform the chefs and had them make us another one. A little while later we received another, and yet again, it had the same consistency. The server informed us that this is normal because it is gluten-free. (I am not new to the gluten-free rodeo and have tried different batters, and I have never seen a consistency like this.) I tried a bite and it was — sorry for my bluntness — disgusting! The chewy, sticky consistency was unappetizing and I do not recommend trying this waffle. I hope the batter changes soon.

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Tyler decided to try the Classic Eggs Benedict. Delicately poached eggs sit atop a golden brown English muffin and a thick slice of Canadian bacon with a generous amount of rich Hollandaise to finish off the dish. The eggs were poached to precision so the yolk was velvety smooth when he cut into it.

Dining Review: Old Hollywood Brunch at Steakhouse 55 IMG_0923 3 IMG_0923 3

Even though the waffle was not the greatest, it definitely didn’t ruin our impression of this place. The service at Steakhouse 55 was fantastic! Our server was attentive and always came by to check and see how we were doing, and often replenished our cups with their deliciously strong coffee. You will never find a breakfast like this at the Disneyland Resort. This gem is a go-to if you are looking to find a low-key amazing breakfast!


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