Disneyland Dining Review: Breakfast at The Red Rose Taverne

Disneyland Dining Review: Breakfast at The Red Rose Taverne red-rose-taverne-banner-2

On February 7th, The Red Rose Taverne became a new breakfast dining option, opening with Disneyland Park and serving until 11 a.m. I’ve previously enjoyed their lunch and dinner offerings, so I decided to see if their new breakfast menu held up.

My friend and I arrived about thirty minutes after rope drop. With no one waiting in line to order and ample available seating, I wondered if park guests were aware of this recent change. Perhaps they’re more concerned about getting their Starbucks fix on Main Street, or indulging in assorted pastries at Jolly Holiday? Either way, I savored the peacefulness this space offered before starting my day at a very busy park.

The menu hosts traditional fare such as the Mickey Shaped Pancake and Breakfast Platter, but we decided to opt for the more unique menu items by ordering the Breakfast Flatbread and the Open-Face Croque Madame.

Service was quick and the counter service cast members are some of the friendliest in the park. They take the time to have a conversation with you and are never without a smile. I was also fighting off a killer cold and asked if they had honey packets for the tea I ordered. Sadly, they do not carry any, but they searched up and down for one and had their managers double-check. It’s Disney customer service at its best.

Now to the reason why I woke up so early: the food. Did it hold up to expectations? Well, not exactly.

Disneyland Dining Review: Breakfast at The Red Rose Taverne red rose taverne red rose taverne

I first tried The Breakfast Flatbread. With béchamel sauce, potatoes, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and topped with fresh greens and a sunny side up egg, it was the item I was most excited to eat. However, my friend accurately summed this up as “holy arugula Batman!” You could not eat a bite without the taste of arugula overpowering the other flavors. I would’ve also liked another egg, for it was on the smaller side and you couldn’t fully spread the yolk on the flatbread.

Disneyland Dining Review: Breakfast at The Red Rose Taverne red rose taverne 3 red rose taverne 3

Next up: The Open-faced Croque Madame. A thick toast topped with ham, gruyere cheese, tomato, béchamel sauce and a baked egg — it was only decent. The baked egg could’ve been runnier, and the toast was over-toasted. I liked that it came with fresh watermelon, but the slices were only one to two bites, max.


Disneyland Dining Review: Breakfast at The Red Rose Taverne red rose tavern 2 red rose tavern 2

Even though you receive Disney customer service at its finest, the food is not up to par with their lunch and dinner menu. Unless Jolly Holiday is insanely busy, I don’t anticipate returning for breakfast.

Katie is a twenty-something Los Angeles transplant with an obsession for theme parks. When she's not riding the rides or devouring all the churros, she's traveling the world and pursuing other creative endeavors.


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