The Best Places to Propose in Disneyland – Besides the Castle

A new year means new adventures await! What could a big adventure be? Marriage proposal, perhaps? Where would you go to ask the “big question” and make it magical?

Disneyland of course! The hot spot for proposals is right in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Sadly, the castle is going through a refurbishment that is over $300,000 and re-opening sometime in spring.

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Some people plan far in advance to enjoy this memorable day and trying to propose in front of a grey construction wall is not exactly ideal. Don’t worry! Put your mind at ease. Here are a few locations that are worthy backgrounds for popping the question! My criteria for proposal locations were as follows: beautiful background, a place where passersby (in the shot) are minimal, a quiet more private area, and ultimately an area not closed off for refurbishment.

Snow White’s Wishing Well

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Just to the right of Sleeping Beauty Castle is a little trail that leads to Snow White’s Wishing Well. This backdrop is a perfect place to proclaim your love to your soul mate! While the castle is being refurbished this area is still open to the public, but guests can’t use this walkway to enter into Fantasyland, so it’s pretty quiet.

Small World Promenade

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Heading over to “it’s a small world” I stumbled across a quiet little area with trees, a pond, and cute ducks swimming around. Right behind the projection towers in the Small World Promenade is where you could find this serene backdrop. If you wait until the right moment, snap the picture right when the monorail is coming by.

IMG 7016

If a serene backdrop is not your ideal spot and you want an iconic landmark, stay in the same area but look towards the Matterhorn for that perfect picture. In the spring, the trees will have delicate flower blossoms adding a pleasing pink hue similar to the castle.

Rivers of America

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When the new addition to the Hungry Bear Restaurant opened I was in awe over how peaceful it was overlooking the river, as I stood watching the Mark Twain Riverboat and the Sailing Ship Columbia sail by. I knew this would have to be one of the places I share as a future proposal spot. If it is timed perfectly, the train will be heading towards the bridge as the Mark Twain Riverboat passes by. Hint: Think about proposing on the Mark Twain! Then you will get multiple views around the Rivers of America.

Big Thunder Trail

IMG 0393

IMG 7029

Walking along the Big Thunder Trail are two locations that are worth a look. The first stop is at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad near the exit. It makes a perfect excuse to go on the ride and then pop the question right after. Going over the bridge is another picturesque location, with a beautiful willow tree in the background.

Paradise Gardens Park

IMG 7031

Last, and certainly not least, is Paradise Gardens Park in Disney California Adventure, overlooking Pixar Pier. This spot doesn’t get a lot of people right near the water, which helps eliminate people walking through the photo. Hint: This location has a picture perfect sunset.

No matter where you propose around the Disneyland Resort, it will be a unique and magical experience that will be remembered forever between you and your loved one.

To get ideas on where to pop the question at the Walt Disney World Resort check out Finding Your Castle Moment: Proposing at Walt Disney World.

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