What Disney Vacation Club Means to Me

When I talk about Disney, and that’s every day, the topic of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) usually comes up. I often get the question “What is DVC?”  I go through the typical explanation and answer the usual questions. It’s a form of time share.  You get so many points per year.  You don’t always have to go to Disney. And so on and so forth. But to me my DVC membership means so much more.


Let’s start with the obvious: it means value.  Brad (my husband) and I got very lucky and bought in at a steal of a price.  We joined in January 2012 when the Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs had just been refurbished and added to inventory.  Since this was an older property, full price was not charged and we got in for $99 a point!  Points have been sold recently for as much as $168 a point.  Since joining, we have taken 7 trips to Disney World and exchanged points through RCI to travel to Gatlinburg, TN.  The Disney trips alone would have cost us over $21,000!  That is more than what our membership cost us and we still have years to use it.  Now, do I think DVC is right for everyone?  Absolutely not!  Yes you can use your points to go other places, but you get the best value for your points by staying at a DVC resort.  Which doesn’t always mean Florida either.  There are DVC resorts in Hilton Head, SC, Vero Beach, FL, Ko Olina, HI, and at Disneyland.  If you plan on taking a vacation every 5 years, no, it would not be in your best interest to purchase a DVC membership.   But if you go once or year, or in our case at least twice a year, it is absolutely worth it!

DVC means opportunity.  Having a DVC membership gives me the opportunity to travel more.  One of the major costs of traveling is lodging.  With DVC, that is something I don’t worry about.  In the long run, yes I am paying for my room, but since it is spread out over the term of my loan, I don’t realize it when I book a trip.  I just have to worry about park tickets, plane tickets, meal plan, and souvenirs.  Because I don’t have to pay for the room every time, I am able to travel more often.  For my family, that is huge!

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DVC means magic! The trips I have taken using my DVC points have been filled with tons of magic moments.  From witnessing my mom see Cinderella Castle for the first time, to seeing my little girl meet Snow White, these magic moments are burned into my memory.  DVC has made this all possible!  I get teary eyed just think about all the moments I have experienced because I am a DVC member.  For my family, our DVC membership is a life changer and will continue to be for years to come.

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