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Watch New Trailer for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour On Disney+

Watch New Trailer for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour On Disney+ Swift Eras TOur Disney Trailer

Thanks to the internet and social platforms like YouTube, we live in a time when our ability to access music and the creative works of those around us comes with ease. No longer does a star come only from a one-in-a-million record label, but sometimes plucked from their home videos that were just a few moments and an upload in the making. Some of our most notable stars of take, including Ed Sheeran himself, got their self-made start on YouTube, allowing the rest of us easy access to their humble beginnings and later stunning careers. However, in a sea full of talented musicians, now and again, there is one who stands out from the crowd as being more than a talented singer, earning a different label altogether: An Entertainer. This is the category you will find Taylor Swift firmly camped in.

Watch New Trailer for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour On Disney+ Swift-Still-Disney

She has come a long way since her early days almost 20 years ago; Swift is now a well-known, international superstar, whose music doesn’t need to be your favorite to appreciate her showmanship in concert. Swift is an entertainer, alongside the greats before her, like Madonna and Michael Jackson, who could mesmerize their audience even if you weren’t a super fan. While YouTube might still be the place to discover your next favorite artist in the early days of their career, streaming platforms are taking musical entertainment to the next level, making concerts and performances (like Hamilton) available to the masses.

Watch New Trailer for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour On Disney+ Taylor-Swift-Still-Large

In less than two short weeks, Swift’s Eras Tour will be joining the ranks on Disney+ in a new extended version that will debut fresh tracks, including the hit Cardigan. Whether you are a die-hard Swiftie or just a curious bystander wondering what all the fuss is about, now is your chance to glimpse what makes this musician so unique. (No spoilers, but the sets and production of this masterpiece alone were enough to impress this skeptic!) Let’s look at the newly released trailer while we count down the days until March 14th!

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version), in its entirety for the first time with the song Cardigan and four additional acoustic songs, arrives March 14 at 6PM PT only on Disney+.


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