What’s on Your Guilty Pleasure Disney Songs Playlist?

There are so many Disney songs we love to sing out loud, in the shower, the car, and listen to on our walks. If Wheezy can sing, we can sing too! But what Disney songs do you love to sing that maybe you don’t want to admit? Songs that you secretly love and that give you chills, yet you keep private because they are corny, cheesy, or schmaltzy?

Guilty pleasure songs tend to be overly sentimental and just “too much.” As the Disney cornball fans we all are, we probably enjoy belting out the occasional guilty pleasure tune! Go for it loud and proud! We all need it more than ever, don’t we?

Looking to add a song or two to your playlist? Don’t get lost in your search. I can navigate your Disney song playlist to the perfect Disney guilty pleasure songs.

Here are my top five Disney guilty pleasure music selections:

Let It Go

Admit it, you know you sing it! Frozen’s “Let It Go” is the perfect guilty pleasure because it’s so catchy. And while you think you might be burned out from it, you sing it anyway. I do. And if “Let It Go” is getting old, I will throw in the honorable mention of “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2 as its partner in crime.

Photo by Weston MacKinnon on Unsplash

The Lava Song

Driving west from the mainland, you will find a double whammy duet that is both a mandatory guilty pleasure song and a love song. Now add a ukulele and this Hawaiian song from a Pixar short named Lava (introducing the movie Inside Out) is a top five. Aloha. I lava you, too.

Jolly Holiday

Hopping over the pond, you can listen to “Jolly Holiday” from Mary Poppins and pretend you are Bert. And with his version of a British accent, I feel confident that I actually sound better than Dick Van Dyke’s version…maybe.

I’m Flying

Flying north, singing this Broadway show tune from Peter Pan makes me feel like I am flying, defiant, ageless and invincible. For a moment when we all feel like we are deeply missing NYC theater, I visualize Mary or Tinker Bell flying up to me and giving me a knowing wink. And then I start singing “I Won’t Grow Up,” because that Broadway song from Peter Pan makes me feel exactly the same way!

3067785767_ba40fbab5a (1)

The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

Ya, I know you sing this one too. The combination of cheesy jokes, bad accents and upbeat repetitions will have this song making you smile all day long. Tiki Room brings me back to the parks, to Walt Disney, and to my laughing place.

Honorable mentions include: “Go The Distance” and basically any song from Country Bear Jamboree

Keep searching on your Disney song GPS and you will find many Disney guilty musical pleasures. Do you have one Disney guilty pleasure song you enjoy singing proud and loud or hidden in your car when you’re alone? Please share!

Shari Kessler loves the Disunplugged and all things Disney. She has imparted her passion for the parks along with her husband of more than 25 years to their three young adult children. Their family vacations have included Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and Aulani but their home base is Walt Disney World as she resides from New Jersey. Shari also loves her cats Ricky and Lucy(RIP Lucy 2021). As a former early childhood educator she is now assisting at an animal hospital in NYC. She enjoys the Disunplugged community and hopes her articles connect with the Dis family. You can find her and all of her articles at: https://sharikessler13.wixsite.com/my-site Thanks for reading!

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