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Why Magic Hand Sanitizer Is My New Go-To for Travel and At-Home Use

Why Magic Hand Sanitizer Is My New Go-To for Travel and At-Home Use MCC-magic-hand-sanitizer

You’ve heard me sing the praises of Magic Candle Company’s vacation destination-themed candles and bar soaps, but today, we need to have a chat about their Magic Hand Sanitizer.

For the past few months, hand sanitizer of any kind has been practically impossible to buy at any retailer in my area. From your typical CVS and Walgreen’s to Publix and other grocery stores, I couldn’t find the stuff anywhere. The same was true for sanitizing bleach wipes, aerosol disinfectant, and even plain old antibacterial hand soap.

Get this, my daughter even made homemade sanitizer with a recipe she found on Pinterest using vodka just so we’d have something to use. I wasn’t so sure about it and continued to fret and stew about the fact that I couldn’t buy any.

It was about that time that an email arrived in my inbox from Magic Candle Company detailing their newest product; Magic Hand Sanitizer. The best part was that it was available in some of my favorite scents such as Floridian and Polynesian.

I didn’t waste any time at all placing my order for a couple of those sanitizers as well as a few of the new Enchanted Hand Soaps. I anxiously awaited my shipment’s arrival and in the meantime, I used the homemade sanitizer my daughter made.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever been quite as anxious to open a package as I was the day my box was left on my porch by the FedEx driver.

Magic Hand Sanitizer is the perfect solution for hand hygiene at home, the office, or while you travel. Featuring popular scents inspired by your favorite vacation destinations, our scented hand sanitizer is easy to apply. Simply use the 2 oz size spray bottle of Magic Hand Sanitizer to spray your hands and rub together until dry. All Magic Hand Sanitizers are gluten-free and exceed the CDC guidelines of 60% alcohol. Additionally, our spray sanitizers use the World Health Organization formulation. Pocket Size Magic Hand Sanitizer now available as well.

So, here’s a little something about me that you should know. I don’t often use lotion and/or hand sanitizer because I absolutely cannot stand the residue that’s left on my hands afterward. It mostly has to do with the fact that I type on a computer all day long. As I sprayed the Magic Hand Sanitizer all over the palms and backs of both hands, I just knew they were going to be sticky or feel some kind of way once they dried, but they didn’t! I couldn’t believe it and I actually still can’t believe that when they dry, they dry completely and there is NO residue whatsoever which makes this girl a happy camper.

When I visited Magic Kingdom last month during their Annual Passholder previews, I used a whole bunch of the complimentary hand sanitizer from the dispensers that are located throughout the park to avoid digging in my purse with “dirty” hands, but I couldn’t wait to wash it all off with soap and water every time we walked by a restroom or one of the outdoor hand-washing stations.

Have you tried the Magic Hand Sanitizer from Magic Candle Company? Please share your thoughts in the comments and let me know which scent is your favorite.

Disclosure: Magic Candle Company is an official sponsor of the DIS and we may earn a small percentage of your order should you choose to make a purchase. You can bet that I’ll share my genuine thoughts with you and if you do choose to make a purchase, don’t forget to use code DISNEYINFO at checkout to receive a 15% discount on your entire order!

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