A Closer Look at the Themed Trees of the 2019 Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs

The Christmas Tree Trail has returned to Disney Springs, and it’s just the thing to help kickstart your holiday season. The trail will be available to guests from now until January 20th, 2020. The Christmas Tree Trail consists of twenty-three uniquely themed trees, and the walkthrough attraction is open to all.

If you’re not able to be at Walt Disney World this holiday season, grab a glass of eggnog and join me for a virtual tour below.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse: This beautiful tree is covered in red, yellow, black, and white accents, and ornaments are grouped by threes to provide a few hidden Mickeys. Minnie is well represented with her red and white polka dot bows.

IMG_7806 2

Beauty & the Beast: Rose petals, dripping candles, strands of crystals, and yellow taffeta bows festoon this tree. The red rose adorns the top, and books are placed throughout the tree.


Sleeping Beauty: Make it pink! Make it blue! This tree is fit for Briar Rose, and is covered in flowers and forest greenery. Note the fairy hat and spools of thread adorning the tree.


Aladdin: Set upon Magic Carpet, this tree is decked out in jewel tones for the holiday season. The tree topper, of course, is the magic lamp. Can you find Abu’s hat? And, be sure to watch out: I think I see the top of Jafar’s staff on the tree. Gulp.


Frozen: Flocked with snow, this tree is covered in blues and silver. Pairs of ice skates, large snowflake ornaments, and a few bunches of carrots for Sven are found tucked into the tree. Don’t miss the small Olaf ornament inside of the lantern.

IMG_7780 2

The Princess & The Frog: Purples, greens, and golds cover this tree as do Santa hat-adorned frogs lounging on lily pads. Mardi Gras masks are tucked into the branches, and trumpets festoon the top of the tree.


The Little Mermaid: Gadgets and gizmos aplenty are found on this tree, as are fish, pieces of coral, starfish, Triton’s trident, and bubbly ornaments. I think I even see a hoozit and a whatzit. And a thingamabob, too. Of course.

IMG_7800 2

Mulan: Lovely cherry blossoms cascade from the top of this tree, and fans are tucked into its branches. The tree is topped with a dragon kite, and is sure to symbolize a little dragon friend of Mulan’s. Mushu, is that you?

IMG_7783 2

Haunted Mansion: Dear sweet Leota’s tombstone adorns this tree, as does a bust of Constance Hatchaway herself. Inside Constance’s lantern is Madame Leota’s crystal ball. This spooky tree is clad in muted tones and trinkets such as books, clocks, and candles. And dead flowers are the only fitting tree topper, in my opinion.


Snow White: Jewels, mirrors, colorful flowers, and small deer cover this tree. Small birds adorn the branches, and it looks like Snow White’s seven friends lent a hand when creating the tree topper. It was nice of them to let her borrow their pickaxes.


Pinocchio: Marionette strings drape down the front of this tree, and a violin takes center stage. Small nods to Pinocchio’s story, including the birdcage in which Stromboli kept him, cover this tree. Pinocchio’s hat is the perfect tree topper.

IMG_7797 2

Toy Story: Andy did a great job of decorating this tree. From the Angel Kitty tree topper to the “paper” chain garland to his toy rockets, he really put his best foot forward. How many sheriffs badges can you find on the tree? If you look really closely, you can see Luxo Jr. and the Pixar ball represented inside one of the lanterns.

IMG_7793 2

Disney Villains: Bits and bobs from an assortment of Disney villains adorn this tree. Ursula’s tentacles emerge near the top of the tree. Magic spell books, potion bottles, and jewels cover the tree. Is that Maleficent’s raven I see in the center?

IMG_7794 2

Dumbo: As is appropriate, this tree is circus, circus, everywhere! Popcorn boxes, big top bunting, and animal ornaments cover the tree. A circus train travels down from the top of the tree, and Dumbo’s ears, trunk, and yellow hat play a part in setting the tone for this tree.

IMG_7792 2

Cinderella: Of course Cinderella’s tree had to feature pumpkins. The bright orange of the pumpkins contrasts nicely with the various blues used on the tree. Clocks are tucked into the branches, and Cinderella’s glass slipper sits proudly atop this tree.

IMG_7791 2

Robin Hood: Archery targets, bags of coins, and Alan-A-Dale’s mandolin feature prominently on this tree. Prince John’s crown sits atop the tree. Did you see the wanted poster tucked into the side of the tree? I sure hope they don’t catch Robin Hood.


Star Wars: What would a Star Wars-themed Christmas tree be without a porg? Or seventeen or so Jawas? Chewie’s bandolier serves as the perfect garland for this tree, and a light saber (of course) is the tree topper.

IMG_7790 3

Peter Pan: Trinkets from the movie cover this tree. From John’s top hat, to Wendy’s bow, to Michael’s teddy bear, it’s all there. I spy a sword, a dagger, and a pirate ship, too. Peter’s cap stands in as the tree topper.

IMG_7787 2

Tangled: It wouldn’t be Rapunzel’s tree if it wasn’t covered in flowers, would it? Look closely and you’ll see nods to her hobbies: books and a few artist palettes. Her braided hair cascades down the tree, and lanterns are placed throughout.

IMG_7788 2

The Lion King: Animal print patterned ribbon, broom tree branches, and wooden carvings cover this festive tree. I see Rafiki’s staff at the top of the tree, and he holds a carving of baby Simba up as the tree topper.


Mary Poppins: Penguins, butterflies, red ribbons, and pink flowers feature on this jolly tree. Look toward the top, and you might see a familiar umbrella, a repaired kite, and its new, proper tail: a suffragette ribbon.

IMG_7786 2

Fantasia: Bubbly ornaments and water pails cover this tree, and a broom sits on a high branch. The sorcerer’s hat is the perfect tree topper.


Walt Disney World Theme Parks: The monorail encircles this tree dedicated to representing the four WDW parks. The icons of all four parks are represented, as is the Disney Skyliner (inside of one of the lanterns) and the classic Dole Whip (inside of another lantern). Cinderella Castle adorns the top of the tree.

Are you planning on visiting the Christmas Tree Trail? If you’ve been, what was your favorite tree?

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