A Facade Has Collapsed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A Facade Has Collapsed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios The DIS 03AF026E-A94F-4729-88F9-517512BC640E

Update 10/28/22 – Construction walls are up around the boarded-up facade that we saw on October 7th, 2022. When I was checking out the area, I didn’t see any construction workers in the area. There was also no sign that any progress has been made to the facade since it is still boarded up.

I wonder when Disney will finally have this fixed because it’s blocking a huge chunk of the sidewalk. This area is a popular spot to watch the motorcades pass by, so hopefully, it will reopen soon.

UPDATE 10/07/22 – Today at Hollywood Studios on Hollywood Blvd, I checked to see if the facade had been fixed, cleaned up, or covered up. As of right now, the facade is boarded up. I assume this is because they are waiting for all the materials to come in so they can repair the damage. 

They have the entire section roped off, almost as if they are worried something else will fall. Hopefully, the facade gets fixed soon, so this area can look like it once did. 

This morning at Hollywood Studios a decent chunk of wall that surrounded the doorway of Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Boulevard collapsed. This area is fairly close to the entrance of the park, so naturally, this caused some traffic issues.

From what could be seen, the light fixture from the side of the entrance also ended up on the ground. They the majority of Hollywood Boulevard closed off, but now they have opened it up enough for guests to walk through the area.

A Facade Has Collapsed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios The DIS 7A4A08AD-25FD-4913-85AE-EA029820142B

Since the collapse earlier this morning, they have covered the area with a black curtain; they better pin that curtain down tightly. Hopefully, they can repair this damage before the hurricane arrives later this week.

The cause of the damage has not been confirmed from what we know. This incident isn’t something we see often at Walt Disney World. Hopefully, they can get the facade back up soon so guests can enjoy the area.

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