A First Look at the Cast Costumes Designed for Disney’s Riviera Resort


The debut of Disney’s Riviera Resort is less than a month away, and Disney has shared images of some of the costumes that the Riviera cast members will be donning.


The costumes are inspired by the colors, art, and landscapes of the European Riviera. The costume designers also drew inspiration from artists and creators, including Walt Disney, who enjoyed visiting the Riviera and were inspired by its style.

You’ll find nods to both classic and current design. Disney has created the ensembles to be stylish and sophisticated, as well as contemporary, as they aspire to also reflect today’s Mediterranean Riviera.


Guests will see various shades of blue, tan, and gold on a variety of cast member costumes throughout the resort. There are also costume options that are customizable, and cast members will be able to mix and match pieces to reflect their own individual style.


Disney’s Riviera Resort is slated to open at Walt Disney World on Monday, December 16th, 2019.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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