Adventures by Disney Adds Brand New Adult-Exclusive Experiences

Whether guests are seeking a romantic couple’s getaway, a girls-only trip or an all-adult family vacation with a little something for everyone, one of these new adult-exclusive experiences from Adventures by Disney might be just the thing.

In 2020, more adult-exclusive departures with adult-only dates for more than 30 destinations and tours, including land-based adventures and European river cruises are coming. Adventures by Disney has also developed brand-new experiences just for adults for many of these itineraries.

Below, we’ve listed highlights of some of the new adult-only programming:

For the History Buff: Egypt

Egypt is a history lover’s paradise, and guests are going to be completely immersed in the rich stories and alluring mysteries of this ancient land when the Egypt vacation launches next year. In addition to visiting famous pyramids, fascinating temples, and even King Tutankhamen’s tomb, the adult-only itinerary offers an extra special treat — an exclusive VIP tour of the conservation rooms at the brand-new Grand Egyptian Museum. This privately guided activity delivers up-close encounters with some of the unpreserved and uncovered ancient artifacts kept in the museum’s private rooms.

For the Nature Enthusiast: Iceland

Iceland is the perfect trip for outdoor enthusiasts. This itinerary is chock full of stunning views — waterfalls, volcanoes, and hot springs — along with outdoor excursions such as glacier hiking, river rafting and more. On top of all that, select adult-exclusive Iceland departures will include a chance to see one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world during a new private nighttime excursion in search of the Northern Lights. This upgraded itinerary also features enhanced dining experiences just for adults.

For the Unique Experience Seeker: Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos

For guests who enjoy unique cultural experiences, the Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos trip is a great option. A breathtaking new experience has been added to the adult-only itinerary: An invitation to attend a special ancestral ceremony hosted by a senior village shaman, followed by food and drink prepared by the healer’s family. This once-in-a-lifetime event complements the comprehensive roster of immersive experiences on this trip, and additional new adult programming includes hands-on culinary activities like mango carving and coffee tasting.

For the Theater Lover: China

The color of a performer’s mask in traditional Chinese theater represents their character’s emotions. In 2020, the Adventures by Disney adult-exclusive China itinerary will take guests behind-the-scenes at the Sichuan “face-changing” opera to observe the intricate makeup techniques used by performers when getting stage-ready. This is just one of many unique ways guests can experience the traditions and history of China during this 12-day vacation that will transport you to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and more. The 2020 adult-exclusive itinerary also features a new tuk-tuk foodie tour of Chengdu and a private archeologist guide at the Terracotta Museum in Xi’an.

For the Home Chef: Costa Rica

Home cooks of every skill level will love discovering the secret to making the perfect ceviche, a traditional South American dish, during a private cooking lesson in Costa Rica. During this new adult-only experience for 2020, guests will learn how to make delicious local recipes and enjoy a selection of artisanal beers. And that’ll be just one of countless indulgences during this vacation, which also includes a privately guided chocolate tour, a dip in the local hot springs and a VIP catamaran excursion.

These adult-exclusive itineraries, along with other 2020 vacations, will be available for booking beginning May 16, 2019. Select departures are eligible for savings of up to $750 off per person if you book early. Additionally, this savings can be combined with the Early Booking Discount offered by Dreams Unlimited Travel*.

*Dreams Unlimited Travel is the official sponsor of The DIS.