Disney Table Service To Go Debuts in the My Disney Experience App

It’s something that we’ve mentioned in the recent past on the Disney Dining Show, and I’ve heard it elsewhere as well. It’s the thought that it would be fabulous if Walt Disney World guests could place takeout orders for Disney table service restaurants. Today, it seems that Disney is granting that wish.

Sanaa, the table service restaurant located at Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village, is now listed in the mobile order function of the My Disney Experience app. It’s listed as “Sanaa To Go,” and yes, Sanaa’s beloved Naan bread service is now available for takeout. Mickey Mouse celebration dome cakes can also be ordered via the app as well.

After choosing your arrival time window via the app, guests are informed of the process, as well as the need for patience as the food that’s been ordered will be made to order, and will take time just as it would if the food was being ordered at a table.

Guests will be notified when their order is ready, and will then be asked to head to the restaurant.

Which WDW restaurants are you hoping will pop up as a takeout option next?