Help the DIS Unplugged Celebrate 1,000 Episodes by Helping Give Kids the World

The DIS Unplugged has just completed its 1,000th episode, and we have a special way of honoring this milestone that involves all of our listeners, both old and new.

This accomplishment, which we are truly grateful for and humbled by, can only be elevated to something truly special if we share it. We don’t just want to share the news, either; we want to share the feeling.

You see, the DIS Unplugged is something deeply personal for each and every member you see on screen. Most of us have a litany of responsibilities at the full time jobs we are working when we aren’t in front of a camera, whether it be for The DIS, Dreams Unlimited Travel, or anywhere else. Having the ability to step outside of ourselves and connect directly with Disney fans around the globe is an experience we can all agree we are extremely fortunate to have.

We get to take a moment, talk with a group of friends about the things we love, and call that honest work. We get to be Disney fans, for Disney fans — and we get out of it much more than we put in.

The feedback we receive runs the range of interesting discourse and unique perspectives all the way to emotionally impactful and warm-heartedly sincere. That’s the point of all this, of course — to take folks out of their regular day just for an instant and focus on the things we all love. When someone tells us, online or in the parks, that they used our videos to plan their vacation, well, that justifies all of our salaries.

Occasionally though, someone will confide in us that our videos helped distract them from a difficult time in their life, giving them a bit of magic when it was needed the most. When that happens, all of the stress and complication of everyday life washes away, and just for a moment we get to know that one person’s day was made just a bit better by what we do. That is one of the most profound feelings in existence. It’s addictive, and it’s why we do what we do.

We want to share that feeling with you. If you want to end this day with a lighter heart than you started it with, knowing that you had a very real, very measurable impact in the life of someone who could really use some happiness right now, help us support Give Kids the World.

In honor of our 1,000th episode, we are asking 1,000 listeners to donate $100 to an organization that provides hope and joy to the people who need it most — an organization we sincerely believe in. You don’t have to do it alone, of course. As much as we want to share the joy we get from being part of the DIS Unplugged with you, feel free to share the joy of making this donation by enlisting the support of your friends and family.

This process isn’t as ambiguous as just clicking a button and hoping the money made it to someone who needed it, either. When you donate to Give Kids the World you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your money went directly to funding an experience that has a significant effect on very real families who are in need of some very real normalcy and enjoyment.

Give Kids the World works with critically-ill children and their families, providing them with lodging, meals, medical care, special events, and access to the Orlando parks and attractions that we all take so much joy in. They don’t just throw tickets at families and call it a day; they meet every possible need so that those families can actually enjoy their experiences safe in the knowledge that the rest is taken care of. They make sure that those going through unimaginable challenges can pause, take a breath, and just be a regular family for a while — and have a bit of fun while they’re at it.

If anything the DIS Unplugged has produced has ever added a little something extra to your day, be it trip planning or just entertainment, and you’d like to help us celebrate making it all the way to 1,000 episodes, this is how you can do it. Not only that, but you’ll get to experience that rare and beautiful feeling: the knowledge that someone you’ve never met who’s going through the most difficult period of their life is having a better day because of something you’ve done. We promise, it’s worth it.

How to Donate:

To take part in our 1,000th episode donation drive, visit our First Giving site HERE.

For a closer look at the inspiring work that Give Kids the World performs year-round, go to

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