Limited-Edition Merchandise Coming to the 2019 D23 Expo

Today Disney released a sneak peek at some of the new and limited-edition merchandise that will be available at the D23 Expo 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center from Aug 23–25. Multiple stores including The Dream Store, Mickey’s of Glendale, and the Disney Store will be selling this brand-new merchandise.

Artboard-1-copy-7-5 Store

The Store will have the largest variety of merchandise. Here is a preview at some of the collections available at this location:

  • Disney Designer Collection: Midnight Masquerade Series – This series of Disney Princess dolls return to the expo, and “features doll sets of Tiana and Naveen, Giselle and Edward, and Aurora and Phillip. Rapunzel, Belle, Meg, Cinderella, and Esmeralda.” This series of merchandise also has “pin sets, stationery, mugs and plate sets, and more”
  • Legacy Collection – The Legacy Collection is full of limited-edition merchandise that is celebrating the “anniversaries and milestones” of cherished Disney characters.
    • Donald Duck 85th – Plush, collectible pins, a retro T-shirt, varsity jacket, hat, and more
    • Silly Symphony 90th – Spirit Jersey shirt, retro T-shirt, pins, and more
    • The Lion King 25th – Celebrate the wonder that is The Lion King with limited-edition collectibles, plush, litho set, and more
  • The Little Mermaid 30th – “Journals, ornament sets, pins, apparel, dolls, and more” will be on sale to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid.
  • Disney•Pixar
    • In this collection shoppers will find a limited-edition “Talking Woody,” “Talking Jessie,” and “Talking Bullseye,” along with a limited-edition plush set of Ellie and Carl in their “Adventure Book.”
  • Backstage Collection– This collection is a “behind-the-scenes look into Disney-Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Animation Studios to celebrate the artistry, legends, and rich heritage of The Walt Disney Company.”
    • Disney Backstage Collection Subscription Box – Guests of the D23 Expo will be “among the first to see and order the new Disney Backstage Collection subscription box.” This subscription box will be packed with “limited-release T-shirts, pins, and more.”
    • Walt Disney Animation Studios “Under the Hat” – Limited-edition Wreck-It Ralph Shadow Box, mug, and sketchbook
    • Disney•Pixar “Under the Lamp” – Pixar campus hat, fleece, tiki crew mug, and more
    • Lucasfilm “Behind the Force” – This collection includes an “all-new crew jacket and hat along with a limited-edition “Java the Hutt” T-shirt, mug, and more”
    • Marvel “Behind the Hero” – A limited-edition Black Panther Shadow Box, hat, and more
  • Mickey Mouse Shufflerz – Mickey Mouse Shufflerz “shuffle” around after you press the top of their head 10 times. At the Disney Store shoppers will find the “Mickey Mouse Memories” collection of Shufflerz.


The Dream Store

The Dream Store promises to be curated with the merchandise needs of any Disney fanatic. Here you’ll find “items including apparel, art and collectibles, accessories, pins, and more.” At the 2019 Dream Store guests will find:

  • Dapper Dan’s – The Dapper Dan’s collection includes “adult T-shirts, a Spirit Jersey shirt, pins, plush, Funko POP figures, and” a “Dapper Dress” from Her Universe.
  • Mickey Balloons  Using the iconic Mickey Balloon as inspiration this collection includes “adult apparel, a Spirit Jersey shirt, skirt from Her Universe, hats, mugs, accessories, and more.”
  • Official D23 Expo 2019 Gear – Want to rep that you were at the 2019 D23 Expo then check out this collection that includes “-shirts, a Lounge Fly mini-backpack, hat, pins, and more.”


Mickey’s of Glendale

Lastly, Mickey’s of Glendale will have two store locations: one with general Walt Disney Imagineering merchandise, and the other with limited-edition pins.

  • Mickey’s of Glendale Main Store – Designed by Imagineers this exclusive merchandise includes “hats, T-shirts, accessories, and more.”
    • Attraction Quote T-Shirt Collection – This collection of T-shirts that celebrate the “most iconic quotes” from beloved Disney attraction.
  • Mickey’s of Glendale Pin Store – Pin collections will want to check out this large assortment of limited-edition pins.

Credit/Image: D23