‘Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors’ Line of Toys Coming From Hasbro


Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, a full-length animated feature which will showcase some of the younger Marvel heroes, is set to debut on the Disney Channel September 30, 2018. Ahead of that debut and in collaboration with Hasbro, a new line of toys has been unveiled showcasing these young heroes.

The official press release states that the new toy line will feature “a diverse team of everyday teens utiliz[ing] their secret superpowers to change the world and rise to their full potential.” Not only will the new line include dolls, but role play gear inspired by Marvel characters including Ms. Marvel, American Chavez, Squirrel Girl, and Inferno will be available as well.


The toy figures will be available in three variations and price points:

  • The “Training Outfit Doll” line, which features 11-inch figures with five points of articulation – the “training outfits” for $12.99 retail
  • The main line, with 11-inch figures in superhero costumes and 15 points of articulation, retailing for $19.99
  • The “Secret Identity Doll” assortment, which features 11-inch figures with two outfits, 11 points of articulation and a $24.99 price point.

The dolls are intended for ages 6 and above.

In addition to the new line of dolls, Hasbro will release the Ghost-Spider Web Slinger featuring a gauntlet, water canister, and web fluid to allow kids aged 5 and up to pretend that they’re Gwen Stacy’s alter-ego.


The Marvel Rising range will be available at Disney Stores and Target, as well as HasbroToyShop.com in October.

In addition to the upcoming toy line, the first trailer for Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors has been released. Take a look:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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