New Bill Passed in Florida Will Allow Theme Parks to Donate Lost & Found Items Unclaimed After 30 Days

The Lost & Found operation at Walt Disney World goes through many steps to ensure that guests are reunited with items that come up missing in the theme parks and resorts during their vacations. Despite their valiant efforts, hundreds of thousands of items still remain unclaimed after 90 days and would be donated to a charitable organization.

With the passing of HB 851 yesterday, which goes into effect July 1, 2018, unclaimed items can be donated after 30 days. Click here to read the entire bill.

Disney Guest Relations Director Keith Gossett shared details on how the items are organized in a 2014 interview with WFTV:

“They are color-coded with dots which identify which park it was found in and that day. Also, we incorporate the date on the glasses, and then we sort them here, and wait for the calls from our guests to locate them. Glasses, hats, visors, those are some of our most popular item.”

“We have probably over 250,000 that go beyond our 90-day claim period and are then offered up to charitable organizations.”

If you have an item that goes missing during your vacation, make sure you contact Lost & Found before 30 days goes by!

Source: Florida House of Representatives