RUMOR: Is the “Free Dining” Announcement Just Around the Corner?


We have a hoppin’ thread over on that’s discussing whether or not the infamous “Free Dining” promotion is coming, or if it’s a thing of the past. It seems as though some information has been leaked, as one poster is reporting the following:

“Looks like free dining could be dropping on April 24. Minimum of 4 nights, maximum of 14, with park hopper and park hopper plus add on. Check in dates: 8/13-9/30, 11/14-11/20, 11/25-11/27, 12/3-12/23. It also appears that values AND moderates may get quick service, with regular dining only for deluxe resorts.”

As the title mentions, these dates are not set and have not been announced – this is strictly a rumor. Are you waiting for the “Free Dining” promotion to be released or do you plan your Disney vacation whether or not it becomes available? Let us know in the comments below!

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