Salt Lake City Man Files Proposal to Create the City of Disney at Reedy Creek

A public proposal was recently filed with the Florida Constitution Revision Committee which motions for the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, including all unincorporated areas within the Reedy Creek Improvement District, to be dissolved and reincorporated as the City of Disney, effective as early as January 1, 2021.



The proposal was filed by an Uber driver from Utah named Loyal Evan Millett, who interestingly enough has submitted 103 proposals for consideration by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission already.

Const Rev Comm

In a quote, Millett said,

“I’m just trying to do my civic duty as an American. My hope – my goal – is that my proposals help the state of Florida.”

Lucky for Millett, the state of Florida happens to be the only state in the United States to have a commission where anyone is allowed to make proposals to change the state constitution.

There is a process that this proposal will need to go through in order to make it onto the 2018 ballot, including sponsorship from one commissioner and approval from 9 more. We’ll keep you posted if we hear that it’s moving forward.

News Source: Constitution Revision Commission and Tallahassee Democrat
Feature Image Source: Disney