The Spread of a Fire in the Magic Kingdom’s Parking Lot Could Have Been Prevented


According to WFTV, the spread of a fire that occurred in March in the Magic Kingdom’s Mulan section of the parking lot could have been prevented, but Reedy Creek firefighters couldn’t find a water source for over 30 minutes, allowing the fire to grow. Unfortunately, that additional time allowed the fire to spread from the Dodge Charger that caught on fire to seven more cars, three of which were completely destroyed.

WFTV discovered radio transmissions that prove the firefighters were calling their dispatch pleading for help to find a water hydrant. Transmissions like, “Engine 21 to Rescue 31: Do you have a visual on this hydrant?” were responded with, “No, sir. I came in the side gate there off Floridian Way, and I have yet to see a fire hydrant.” This discourse of not finding a water source went on for a half hour.

A large cause of the confusion was due to the massive amount of construction going on at Walt Disney World. A representative from Disney told WFTV that the fire hydrant the firefighters were looking for had been removed in the demolition of the Richard Petty Driving Experience in 2015. Disney is now working with the Reedy Creek Fire and Rescue Department to make sure that all the fire hydrant locations are up to date.

Another problem compiled into this was that the tanker truck was out of service that day. The tanker truck transports water to the scene, which can delay or in some cases altogether forego the need for a fire hydrant.

The fire was eventually put out by an Orange County Fire Rescue tanker truck.

Credit: WFTV



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