The Walt Disney Company Takes Full Ownership of Disneyland Paris in Buyout

Due to a notice sent to shareholders of Euro Disney stock, we can now safely say that the Walt Disney Company has succeeded in their efforts to gain full control of Disneyland Paris. We reported back in February of the Company’s plans to gain ownership of the resort and pay off any remaining shareholders at two euros per share. It seems as though that plan is currently underway.


What this notice essentially says is that during the process of a takeover bid the initiators purchased shares at 2 euros each, totaling over 760 million and equaling 97.8% of the total shares. If you are wondering where The Walt Disney Company comes in, EDL Holding Company LLC operates as a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Company now possesses over 95% of Disneyland Paris’s stock, giving them authority to claim full ownership of the resort.