Disney World Transportation Quietly Updated the Trams, Buses, and Monorails

Over the past couple months Walt Disney World has made some subtle updates and changes to their transportation operations. Across the board the trams, buses, boats and monorails all had small changes to improve and update the service. When talking about why these changes were made the vice president of Walt Disney World Transportation Operations said, “Our buses, monorails, boats and trams aren’t just modes of transportation for our Guests. They are a part of the fun and a part of the immersive Disney experience. And they are getting even better.”

New trams have been custom made for Disney to create a quieter ride experience from the parking lot to the front gates of the parks. In addition to that the parking trams are all going to receive a paint job inspired by the monorail colors. Out in the parking lots there will also be an increase of fun and playful signage. For example, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom they’ve already added a sign that reads, “We’ll be there in 223 elephant steps.” More signs like this will be added to all of the parks.


One of the popular transportation upgrades that was added a little more than a year ago was the addition of screens at the resort bus stops, which gave guests the approximate wait times for each theme parks bus to arrive. In addition to the new wait time screens some of the bus transportation was upgraded to play a custom light show, have more comfortable seating, and a better GPS system. In addition to these improvements, as the buses approach their marquees now feature messages like “Charmed To See You” and  “My Other Ride is a Magic Carpet.”


Walt Disney World watercraft cast members across property now wear brand new updated costumes, like the one featured above.


Similarly to the watercraft cast members, the monorail cast members are also sporting a new costume. On their costume they have a patch of the 12 colors that represent the monorails. In addition to the new costumes the monorails are undergoing a massive change in technology. The assumption is that the monorails will eventually become an automated driverless system. 

Credit: orlandoparksnews.com

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!

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