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Is MagicBand+ Worth it?

Is MagicBand+ Worth it? The DIS magicbandplus

I’m not so sure about this one. On one hand, I think the style is cute, and I love all the different designs they come in. I’m a sucker for a cute MagicBand, especially if it has interactive qualities. On the other hand, my poor phone battery suffered.

Is MagicBand+ Worth it? The DIS magicbandplus3  .99

There are some downsides to these new MagicBand+. They eat up your phone battery. When I was linking my band on My Disney Experience, it told me that I had to turn on my Bluetooth to get the most out of my band. I did what the app told me and turned on my Bluetooth. My phone battery was being sucked quicker than quick. I hadn’t even interacted with anything yet.

Is MagicBand+ Worth it? The DIS magicbandplus1

In this day in age, it’s imperative to have your phone fully charged at Disney. You can’t have a dead phone with Genie+, Lightning Lanes and having to use the app constantly for almost everything. With this added to the mix, your phone’s battery will disappear quicker than ever.

Let’s talk about the upsides that I’ve witnessed so far. I LOVE interacting with the Fab 50 statues. Now you need to pack your patience because it will take a few waves at the figure to get the reaction. I think it’s because someone many people have been testing out their bands since it was day one. If you just take a moment and wave a few times, you’ll be sure to witness the interaction. Each statue has a unique response to a wave. You’ll know that you are close to a statue because the band will start to vibrate to notify you. It’s like it tells you, “hey, look up, you are approaching a fun interaction.”

Is MagicBand+ Worth it? The DIS magicbandplus2

Now the pricing is important to note. The basic bands, which have no designs, are $34.99. The bands with the cool designs, the ones we all want, are $44.99. I wondered what the price difference would be because Disney’s wording was STARTING at $34.99. Do I think these new MagicBands are pricey? I do, but if you are someone that collects MagicBands or wants to be able to interact with the park more, then yes, it’s worth it.

Will you be buying/using MagicBand+ on your next trip to the parks? Let us know!

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