Do You Opt for Family Halloween Costumes or Individual Outfits?

Do You Opt for Family Halloween Costumes or Individual Outfits? Incredibles

Halloween is fast approaching and the month of the spooky season has flown by faster than ever. It feels as though it’s practically over by the time I start to get excited about decorating. I love to take a fun, light-hearted take on the scary festivities, so a Disney-style Halloween is perfect for my household. My decorations were sorted and ready to go up at the beginning of the month, and I already knew what I’d be carving into my pumpkins; however, one aspect I have left until the last possible minute this year is costumes.

I’ve been doing some of that last-minute panic-searching, you know, the research you planned to do months ago but left until you were almost out of panic-inducing time? That’s me this week. Looking at my options, I am torn between whether or not to commit to a family-themed costume event or to let everyone pick their own individual outfits.

Do You Opt for Family Halloween Costumes or Individual Outfits? Hocus Pocus

I love the idea of doing the Incredibles; I know a little cliché, but I love the idea of everyone having their personal strengths that contribute to a bigger positive, even if it is supposed to be the scary time of year. But let’s face it, my thighs aren’t going to forgive me for red spandex, so I’d have to look for something else. Nonetheless, the concept made me wonder what other people do when it comes to these things. Do you fully commit to the big show as a group of friends or family? Or is it better to let everyone suit themselves and trade in that cohesive look for chaotic excellence?

I’m going to need to know what you are doing for Halloween this year and what’s your favorite Disney-themed costume. I need to work out my last-minute costume planning, but I seem to be drawing a blank. Now that my kids are both taller than me and in adult sizes, it’s hard to think of a group theme that doesn’t end up being two of the same men’s and women’s outfits. Help me?

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