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Review by Kevin Klose - June 2008


After two visits to the Wave, I can say that I am impressed.

Disney’s newest restaurant, just off the lobby, in the Contemporary Resort, emphasizes the wave of American Cuisine. That’s the theme of The Wave…..American Cuisine. In a place full of “themed restaurants”….it almost seems fitting to have a restaurant that has food as its theme.

It’s difficult to pigeonhole The Wave.

Lounge Area

I have started to type a description several times and each time I start I end up with a wild, run-on sentence that makes little sense. When I try to pare down my description, The Wave starts to sound like a “tree hugger” restaurant as Pete said when I was talking about our experience.

I think their focus is much wider than that.

I was told that The Wave was trying to use locally grown and supplied produce so as to cut down on the fuel needed to transport the product. They are using as much organic produce as possible and preparing their dishes to appeal to a more health conscious public.

I realize that this description brings to mind beans sprouts, tofu and Birkenstocks, but keep in mind that The Wave also serves a killer Angus Beef, bacon, cheeseburger.

Our first dining experience was during dinner.

We started with Lettuce Wraps ($11.99) and the Seasonal Soup ($7.99) which on this occasion was roasted tomato bisque with “chef’s accompaniment.

The Lettuce Wraps were sheets of bibb lettuce and bits of lamb and bay scallops in a soy / rice vinegar sauce. They were flavorful, but very spicy and a bit messy.

The soup was wonderful with a slight smokiness. The chef’s accompaniment was two small grilled cheese sandwiches made with Swiss and goat cheese.  These were excellent. I hope they add an option of ordering more of them.

Our entrees were the Grilled Marinated Flank Steak (20.99) and Today’s Sustainable Fish ($20.99).

The flank steak was a generous portion of sliced steak over a bed of shredded sweet potatoes and served with veggies and guacamole. The steak was cooked perfectly and the sweet potatoes were wonderful. The addition of the guacamole was inspired.

The Sustainable Fish means that is a species that reproduces quickly and can be harvested without fear of depleting the supply. The selection on the night we were there was a Black Cod.  It was served over a bed of edamame, corn and green beans. The fish had been seared and had a dollop of cilantro chutney on top. It melted in your mouth. Black Cod is also known as Butter Fish and there is a good reason for that.


For dessert, you are offered four different selections, each consisting of three “two bite” morsels. If you would like, you are welcome to create your own combination of any three from the available twelve offerings. Dessert runs $7.99 and the range of flavors is terrific.
I recommend that at least one of your choices be the cheesecake with raspberry coulis. Truly delicious.

Dinner for two was approximately $75 .00 and worth every penny.

Our second experience at The Wave was during lunch.

The lunch menu, while less expensive, is still packed with flavor and exciting choices.

There were three of us for lunch and we chose the Seasonal Soup (7.99), the Lump Crab Cake ($11.49) and the Navy Bean Soup.($6.49)

Crab  Cake

The Seasonal Soup was as described and just as good as the previous night. The Navy Bean Soup was a heart broth based soup and the Lump Crab Cake was a single cake served on top of a bed of lettuce. This crab cake was neither sad nor little. It was moist and full of crab. There was very little filler. Awesome.

The three entrees chosen were the Classic Rueben ($12.99), the Angus Chuck Bacon Cheeseburger ($12.99) and the Spice Crusted Chicken Salad ($14.99).

The Rueben

The Rueben was very nice sandwich and for a twist, served on whole grain bread rather than the usual rye. The bread added a great texture and nuttiness. It was served with baked fingerling potato fries.

The spice Crusted Chicken Salad was tasty and served with a spicy dressing. It contained chunks of apple and polenta croutons. Of the three entrees, I thought it was the one that offered the lesser value. This was priced on the high side at $15.00. It was good, but the other two entrees were better.

The Angus Burger

The Angus Bacon Cheeseburger was also served on a whole grain bum with the fingerling fries. This is one terrific burger. I m often asked where to get the best burger on Disney property…this gets my vote. An all around winner.

We finished with two more of the three dessert selections and again, were pleasantly surprised.

Lunch for three ran approximately $75.00
I forgot to add that both meals were finished with good coffee. This is not the swill Disney is famous for serving, but a good, decent cup of coffee. We were told that the coffee served is roast specifically for this location and is “shade grown and bird safe”.
When I explained that John was “shade grown and bird safe”, I was just met with a blank look. J

In my opinion The Wave is a clear winner and offers another good choice.

Go try it.

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