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How to Beat the Heat at Magic Kingdom

The question we get the most during the summer is, “how do you handle the heat?” and we do our best to answer that question. I figured I would break […]

A Brief History of Disney: Splash Mountain

For those of us who spent our formative years visiting Disney parks, the age-old Zip-a-dee-doo-dah theme synonymous with the Splash Mountain attraction likely holds a special place in your heart. […]

Disney Rumor Round Up September 2020

Welcome to the September edition of Disney Rumor Round Up! You can check out the August 2020 installment here. Can’t believe it’s fall already! Hope you are enjoying your favorite pumpkin […]

Should You Wear a Poncho at Disney?

“You May Get Wet” That sign can be seen on various Disney rides around the park. While Disney may not have many “wet” rides, they do have a few that […]