4 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Disney World Water Parks

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Disney World Water Parks The DIS f228bac08966b7d2f446496c129254b8--disney-blizzard-beach-walt-disney-world

Often times, Walt Disney World guests choose not to spend the extra time and money on the Disney water parks. For some guests the water parks are seen as second-rate to the theme parks, but don’t let this fallacy prevent you and your family from visiting the Disney water parks. The water parks are extremely fun, and in a week’s vacation there is plenty of time to visit one or even both of the water parks.

4) Explore More of What Disney World Has to Offer

Walt Disney World covers 43 square miles. As a Walt Disney World vacationer, that is a lot of ground to cover. You might feel overwhelmed by how large the property is, but don’t let that be an excuse not to see as much as possible. The water parks are a great part of the experience of a Walt Disney World vacation. There is so much to see and do for everyone in the family at the two water parks. It is easy to fall into visiting only the four theme parks, but any Walt Disney World veteran can tell you that you are limiting yourself by only visiting the four main parks.

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Disney World Water Parks The DIS Typhoon-Lagoon-11 Typhoon-Lagoon-11

3) They Are More Than Your Average Water Park

Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are so much more than your average water park. Yes, they both include the water park staples like the lazy river, but they also include experiences you won’t find at your local water park. For example, at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon guests have the chance to swim in Disney’s man-made shark reef. Guests have about 15 minutes to swim among stingrays, tropical fish, and small sharks. If swimming with the fishes isn’t for you then visit Crush ‘n’ Gusher, which is a water roller coaster raft ride. Water jets boost your raft uphill as you go up and down on this thrilling raft experience. See for yourself how unique these two water parks truly are; you won’t regret it.

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Disney World Water Parks The DIS Typhoon-Lagoon-28 Typhoon-Lagoon-28

2) Shorter Lines

Depending on what time of year you’re visiting there is a chance you could visit the water parks when there aren’t a lot of guests there. If it rains in the morning, or the day starts out overcast, you might get the opportunity to walk onto many of the attractions at both of the water parks. Even on busier days the lines are still much shorter than attractions at say, Epcot or the Magic Kingdom. So, if you hate long lines you might love the opportunity to spend a day with attractions and experiences that don’t take so much time.

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Disney World Water Parks The DIS Slush Gusher  Summit Plummet DSC00016 Slush Gusher Summit Plummet DSC00016

1) Both Are Great Places to Cool Down

Central Florida is hot and humid. It isn’t uncommon in the summer for Orlando to reach the 90s everyday for a week straight. Taking advantage of the water parks on these stifling days is enjoyable. They are a great way to cool down without having to escape the Disney bubble. Pool days at the Disney Resorts are great, but pools can get boring after an hour or two. Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are fun all day long.

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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