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Planning Tip: Become a Landry’s Select Member Before Your Next Disney World Trip

I like having nice things and really enjoy eating at nice restaurants. I also own horses, which, if you are familiar with the horse world, you know they are expensive. This means I live my life in a very frugal way. All of my friends joke about how I can find a discount or coupon for anything. Well, I would like to share something that saves me money as well as time while I’m visiting Walt Disney World.

If you have dined at Rainforest Café, I’m sure you have seen signs for Landry’s Select Club. This is an exclusive club that is open for anyone to join. When you think of Landry’s, you might typically assume it is just restaurants, but that isn’t all of which they are a part. They are also linked up with a few hotels. Also, if you are using the Select Club somewhere that they offer retail merchandise, you will receive points on those purchases. Becoming a member is totally easy; just ask your server or the hostess.

You get a lifetime membership for your membership fee of $25.00. But wait, that’s not all! Once you join, you automatically get a $25.00 credit back into your Landry’s account. And, if you think of it like I do, that’s free money. Every time you use your card at a Landry’s establishment, you earn points. Once you hit 200 points, you get a $25.00 reward to be used anywhere that is a part of Landry’s.

One thing I should mention is that just because you have a reward in your account doesn’t mean you are required to use it right away. You can tell your server that you want to save the reward to use at a later time. My pro tip would be to join before your Disney trip or to join near your birthday. You get a $25.00 reward for your birthday that lasts until the 15th of the following month. So this means you would have $50.00 to spend on anything. If you are planning a Disney trip, I suggest joining before you leave so that you’ll have $25.00 to spend during your time at Disney World. Then you get benefits automatically and do not have to register for it during your vacation.

I don’t mind waiting to eat and I have no problem making reservations in advance. But, if you are like my family, and have kids, have a large party or hate making reservations, the following benefit is for you. With the Landry’s card, you do not need a reservation at all! It gets even better because you also will not have a long wait and sometimes you have no wait at all. Yes, you heard me correct: no waiting for hours to get into popular restaurants. You seriously walk up to the host or hostess and show them your card. From there, they will ask how many are in your party then check you in automatically. The longest I’ve ever waited is maybe 20 minutes. Even during a peak dinner time you still won’t wait long at all. You get priority seating, meaning you are even in front of the groups with reservations. Keep in mind that you may just get some dirty looks from customers who do not understand what is going on.

Disney has a Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom as well as at Disney Springs. This is not the only option around the Orlando area to use your card. T-Rex at Disney Springs, Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom and Bubba Gump at Universal CityWalk are also Landry’s locations. There are also many normal-type restaurants to choose from that aren’t at all touristy. Your hometown may even have some of the places linked up. One of my favorite places around the USA to use my card at is Saltgrass Steakhouse. On their website, you can see every place owned by Landry’s.

I hope that you join me in becoming a Landry’s Select member and have fun on your next Disney vacation! Do you have other money-saving advice for those planning a Walt Disney World visit? Please share the ideas in the comments section below!

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Kayln Epperson is a 31 year old hardcore Disney fan. She is also a lover of history, St. Louis Blues hockey, the Florida Gators and the gym. She is an annual pass holder to Disney and visits quite often. She currently works in the horse industry and is a World Champion in the American Paint Horse Association. She has 3 horses, 2 dogs and a goldfish. She is passionate about being a single, childless adult in the Disney community and wants to help others like herself.


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