Bring Your Favorite Magical Vacation Scents Home with Magic Candle Company

Hi, everyone! Here we are at the beginning of another week of hanging out at home. I'm sure some of you are probably losing your minds by now or maybe you are taking advantage of learning some new things or trying different ways of bringing some Disney magic into your homes.

My daughter made some blueberry muffins at some point in the middle of the night last night – she's a senior this year and the way her school is doing online classes, she can complete the work whenever she wants so no need to get to sleep early or wake by a certain time in the morning. Anyway, when my husband and I came out to the kitchen today, it smelled of these freshly-baked muffins and I almost felt like I was at a bakery as we got our coffee going.

That delicious bakery smell in my kitchen brought me right back to my favorite vacation destination where lovely smells fill the air no matter where I am which makes me think of Magic Candle Company, one of our site's sponsors.

Now, I have to be honest with you because that is how I roll. I don't typically burn candles in my house because I could never really find any brand that I absolutely loved until I bought the Contemporary scent from Magic Candle Company. Now that I have that one, I am completely hooked because it takes me right back to my favorite vacation smell. I also love it because it is so mellow and fresh. It features the unmistakable aroma of green clover and aloe with a watery green floral. A bouquet of fresh Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Ylang finishes with a light dust of cedar trimmings.

If you are longing for some of your favorite vacation smells, take a look at the available scents from Magic Candle Company. Most of the scents are available in the form of Enchanted Fragrance Oils, Wax Melts, Air Fresheners, and even Enchanted Bath Products.

Have you tried any of the products from Magic Candle Company? Which ones are your favorites? Don't forget, when you place your next order, be sure to use code DISNEYINFO when you check out to receive a 15% discount off of your entire order.

Now that you know why the Contemporary scent is my favorite, which one do you recommend that I try next?

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