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All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World

All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World roundup-rodeo-bbq-entrance-woody-jesse

Last week we received some major Disney food news. We finally got an opening date and a menu for Roundup Rodeo BBQ, the restaurant that is coming to Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. The dining location will open its doors to guests on March 23, 2023!

When this restaurant was first announced, I was worried that there would only be one plant-based option. On the other hand, I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself because I love barbeque and because let’s face it, Hollywood Studios needs better food if I am being honest. While overjoyed and worried, I sat on the edge of my seat, waiting for more updates.

This project continued to get pushed back. The first time was because of the pandemic, and for the second time, we aren’t sure. It could’ve been supply issues or because of the first delay. Anyway, after all that waiting, we got a menu, and I couldn’t be happier. They have an array of plant-based options, which makes me so happy. Let me stop babbling, and let’s look at all the plant-based dishes.


  • Tomato Salad: Tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickled red onions tossed in a white balsamic vinaigrette and garnished with fresh dill (plant-based)
  • Watermelon Salad: Cubed watermelon garnished with freshly torn mint leaves (plant-based)
All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World roundup-rodeo-bqq-salad

That tomato salad is calling my name. It has everything I love, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, and fresh dill. This will be my go-to salad when I dine here.


  • Slow-smoked Cauliflower topped with sweet harissa drizzle and crunchy walnut gremolata 
  • Oven-roasted “Bratwurst” that is tender and juicy, sliced to perfection
  • Impossible “Rib Chop” seasoned with spices, then roasted and glazed with sweet BBQ sauce and skewered on a sugar cane “bone”

All entreés are served with an assortment of sweet, traditional, and spicy BBQ sauces.

All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World roundup-rodeo-bqq-plant-based

Because this restaurant will be family-style, I will try each of these. I am most excited about the Impossible “Rib Chop.” It sounds delicious and is made with a sugar cane bone; how cool is that? I am sure the “Bratwurst” will be delicious if it’s anything like the others they serve around property. I do love a good cauliflower dish, and the fact that this will have a walnut gremolata has my stomach rumbling already.


  • Buckin’ Baked Beans: A traditional BBQ picnic favorite (plant-based)
  • Veggie Slaw: Crunchy shredded veggie slaw that is a summertime favorite! (plant-based)
  • Campfire-roasted Vegetables: A variety of roasted seasonal vegetables (plant-based)
All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World roundup-rodeo-bqq-sides

Fun fact, I grew up eating baked beans. My dad makes the best ones I’ve ever had, and I try to replicate that at home. I get close, but it’s not perfect. I hope these live up to my standard. You can’t go wrong with a good slaw, and the keyword here is good. I hope they don’t mess that one up. As for the roasted vegetables, I think it’s a great option, but nothing out of this world.


  • Gruff’s Peach-Strawberry Pie: With its silky sweet peaches and tartness of strawberries, this dessert is a fruit-centric delight! (plant-based)
All the Plant-Based Options Coming to Roundup Rodeo BBQ at Disney World roundup-rodeo-bqq-dessert

There is only one dessert available for plant-based guests, but I think it will be delicious. It’s had to find decent vegan desserts at Disney, but I hope they do this right. If they need help, I suggest they speak with the kitchen at Boatwright’s Dining Hall. They have a fantastic peach-blueberry cobbler that is plant-based. I would go back there just to eat that. Hopefully, I feel the same way about this peach-strawberry pie.

The one thing I am waiting to hear about is what the bread service will be like for guests that are vegan or have dietary restrictions. Hopefully, we will get that information soon. Again if they need help, they can walk over to Port Orleans Riverside because they have the best plant-based cornbread for their bread service. Are you interested in trying any of these dishes? If so, which one?

Hi, I'm Erica, and I write about all things Disney. Before working for The DIS, I was a theme park performer at SeaWorld, but I also performed at Disney. I have such an immense love for theme parks to the point I studied them in college.


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