REVIEW: Is Connections Eatery’s Meatball Pizza a Must-Eat Item? YES.

I’m back at the recently-opened Connections Eatery in EPCOT’s World Celebration and I’ve just had something that you need to have. I’m serious. It’s a necessity. Friends, I humbly submit the Meatball Pizza for your consideration.


I know what you’re thinking. A slice of pizza? A slice of DISNEY PIZZA? That stuff is puffy and flavorless and very, very meh. Sell that slice to someone else; I’m not buying. And typically, you’d be right.

Friends, when the pictures of some of the menu items prior to the new quick service location’s opening date were released, I was instantly drawn to this slice of pizza. It just seemed different enough from what I’d seen on Disney property, and it promised a sauce made using San Marzano tomatoes and basil. It seemed fancy. I didn’t get around to trying the Meatball Pizza during my first visit to the restaurant, a travesty that I corrected today.

First of all, that crust. It’s made in-house in Connections’ pizza kitchen. It’s fresh, and pillowy on the inside and toasty on the outside. It’s exactly what you want a pizza crust to be. And in a Disney park, no less.

Then there’s the cheese. THAT CHEESE. It’s a mysteriously-named “cheese blend,” but it doesn’t even matter. It was ooey, gooey, and beautifully melted, and there was tons of it.

The beef and pork meatballs had a lovely deep level of flavor. So good, and so meaty, if that makes any sense. These are good (and substantially-sized) meatballs.

The pizza slice is served with a Mediterranean Side Salad. If you’re not a fan of olives, be sure to ask for them to be left off of the salad. The salad was fresh, and I enjoyed having a salad option as a side. The salad’s vinaigrette dressing is too light, though, and I found myself wanting it to pack more flavor.

The Meatball Pizza and Mediterranean Side Salad is $10.99, and while I’d love a somewhat larger piece for the price, I felt like I got a good value. And I’d get it again.

Please let me know your thoughts if you’re able to have the Meatball Pizza at Connections Eatery. Me? I loved every single bite.

Deni loves all things Disney, and, in 2013, moved to the Magic from Maryland. Walt Disney World is her happy place, and she loves getting to share it with others. Deni and her husband of almost 26 years have 2 grown children. Her favorite WDW snack? A Mickey Bar, of course. Is there any other?!


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