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Disney Confessional: A Series of Unpopular Opinions – Part Three

Happy Wednesday, my friends! With all the feelings going on at the moment with things like Genie+ and Harmonious, I couldn’t help but think what better time could there be to throw out my next round of unpopular opinions. Want to start from the beginning? You can find Part One and Part Two here.

People are already feeling feisty and disappointed. So, why not get down to the details and see where you all stand on a few of these opinions?

Don’t hurt me.

I can’t stand the bath and body products in Disney Resorts.

I know that some of you are going to make me pay for this one. For years I have read stories about how people absolutely love the body products in Disney resorts. As someone who always brings my own products with me, I hadn’t become too familiar with them, which meant I was shocked when reading about how some people were stealing them; others, taking their own containers and filling them from the dispensers. There has been some bizarre, extreme behavior around this product line. So, on my last trip to Walt Disney World, I paid extra special attention to them to see what all the fuss was about, and my disappointment was undeniable.

I know these are now available for purchase both online and in some resorts, but for me, I just don’t get it. They are sticky and don’t moisturize my skin at all. After a full day in the parks, I positively need more than that thin, gluey drizzle of lotion on my skin and there’s definitely not enough nourishment in the hair products to do anything with my frizzy curls.

I secretly love the It’s a Small World theme.

I am fully aware that this one makes me a super Disney Geek, but I’m ok with it. The It’s A Small World theme song doesn’t bother me at all; in fact, other than the one time I was stuck on the ride for an unfortunate amount of time in one spot hearing the same verse repeat, I actually really like it.

If you continually repeat the English verse in your head, it can drive you a bit crazy. Still, if you delve a little deeper and pay closer attention to the verses in other languages, it is indeed quite fascinating.

I wish they didn’t sell helium balloons.

Yep, another unpopular opinion, hence the placement in this series. Those of you that have been with me for a while now might already know that I have a thing about helium balloons, particularly where most of them end up. Having them in the parks always seems like a hassle. They bump into you while people are walking, they fly away constantly, and when you are waiting for a parade or fireworks in a breeze, they drive everyone around you crazy.

Now, I know they look amazing in photos, especially all bunched up together, and I know they can sometimes be a life-saver when it comes to amusing small children. Even so, I can’t help but think they are more trouble than they are worth.

<em>Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomsushioutlawutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener aria label= opens in a new tab>Brian McGowan<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomsphotosdisney balloonutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener aria label= opens in a new tab>Unsplash<a> <em>

I really like Test Track.

I can feel the controversy in the air already. To many, Test Track presents itself as a waste of space. If you have ever seen the comments on a related article or a post on social media, you will have noticed a strong dislike for this attraction, and to be honest, I cannot work out why.

Some of you might be thinking; clearly, you’ve never been on Radiator Springs Racers, often considered to be a much better version of a similar ride track. Well, indeed I have, and I love that ride too! I enjoy the analytical darkness of TT just as much as the colorful Route 66-inspired Cars version. Can someone explain to me why Test Track gets so much shade? Sure, it doesn’t have any immediate character branding, but are we honestly so hard up that we can’t handle a ride without this aspect?

I don’t miss the character Meet & Greets.

This one might be met with crickets. Perhaps it is because my children are in that midway, teen/tween bracket where it isn’t the highest of priorities, yet, I am finding more and more than the enjoyment you get from seeing them can still be felt in passing, not requiring that rushed two minutes of 1:1 routine attention.

I’m finding that characters milling around the park become more entwined in the storyline of each area, a more relatable influence as though they are experiencing the park with you. In my opinion, this is a much nicer way to interact with them, seeing them enjoy the same atmosphere rather than being cordoned off in an alleyway that they might not stay in for long enough that you can meet them.

This does not apply to Character Dining; I think that is a fabulous way to meet them (when available), but again, the way they move around the room and become part of the experience adds to the enchantment. Seeing Tigger play with someone else’s food can be just as enjoyable as when they come to visit your table.

<em>Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomajosephstalinutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener aria label= opens in a new tab>Joseph Stalin<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomsphotosdisneyutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener aria label= opens in a new tab>Unsplash<a> <em>

Phew, we made it through relatively unscathed. If you happen to be on the other side of some of these topics, let me know how you ended up there and what I might be missing. Have an unpopular opinion of your own? Add it below!

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