Disney Magic at Home: WDW Music Loop Favorites

In the weeks since Disney parks around the world closed due to COVID-19, fans have resorted to new and creative ways to still experience the magic. A quick glance at social media will show everything from cooking Disney recipes all the way to a home-made Splash Mountain simulation in the backyard. The creativity is endless, but for those looking for a simpler way to feel like they’re experiencing a favorite attraction from home, music loops found after a quick Google or YouTube search can provide the perfect escape. Here are some of my personal favorites (in no particular order):

Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Music Loop

The eerie, yet relaxing sounds echoing through the winding pathways of the Spanish fort inside Pirates of the Caribbean provide the perfect escape to those finding themselves missing the pirate-infested waters of this classic attraction. As the queue music plays, it’s often difficult to resist imagining the scent of the water and blast of A/C as you imagine yourself making your way to the boats.

Epcot Entrance Music Loop

Few Walt Disney World loops rival the Epcot Entrance Music Loop when it comes to providing the perfect combination of wonder and excitement for what lies ahead. Consisting of many individual ride themes, this loop includes music from not only present Epcot attractions, but past ones as well. Put this on and see if you can resist imagining yourself walking into the park with Spaceship Earth directly ahead.

Disney Springs Marketplace Loop

The Disney Springs Marketplace loop also includes a combination of songs like the Epcot entrance, only this time, it’s the ones you know and love from Disney films. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more relaxing, yet upbeat version of everything from the Winnie the Pooh theme all the way to Part of Your World. Once you hit play, all that’s left to do is to imagine yourself wandering through the marketplace’s many shops and restaurants.

Hollywood Tower Hotel Lobby Loop

The music you hear as you make your way towards the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel elevators quickly transports you to a bygone era. Classic songs from the hotel’s heyday have been transformed into faded, distant versions of their past selves. This loop is a must-listen for anyone missing The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, or those seeking a very well done themed edit to some classic songs.

Space Mountain

Few music loops in Walt Disney World make me feel as nostalgic as the Star Tunnel theme does as you make your way down the long tunnel to the rockets. Evoking a starry sense of wonder and adventure, this relaxing theme never fails in provoking the feeling of excitement knowing a ride on one of my favorite attractions is just ahead.

Honorable Mentions

-Innoventions Loop

Soarin‘ queue loop

Tomorrowland Loop

Jungle Cruise queue loop

As someone who constantly listens to Walt Disney World music loops, I know for a fact that some great loops weren’t included in this article, so I’m eager to hear everyone else’s favorites! This truly is a great way to get a small sense of the magic as we all eagerly await the parks reopening. Until then, happy listening!

Jacob Dryer is a marketer, writer and former Cast Member from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having first experienced Walt Disney World at the age of 10 in 2004, he spent subsequent years passionately helping others plan their own magical vacations. Later on, he moved to Orlando where he worked in various roles across Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, and ESPN Wide World of Sports. His favorite attraction is Space Mountain.


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